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Sesecat   TwilightGliders  

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 Does anyone have a free suger glider

i have one suger glider i am geting one more and if you have one or two for free and if anyone has one post me!!


07/13/09  04:37pm


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  Message To: Sesecat   In reference to Message Id: 2038711

 Does anyone have a free suger glider

Sese, Not to burst your bubble... But it’s highly unlikely that you will find anyone that will just give you a sugar glider without expecting you to pay as they are exotic animals. Im getting my Edward in August, And
Bella a few months later both are beautiful White Face Gliders wich in the begining was gonna cost me 525.00 for both. While talking to the breeder a few nights ago he told me that he had a 10 week old male that someone had called about, Only once... So I told him if he didn’t call back I’d be more than happy to take him, I called im back because he call me last night, He said the guy called back but was not gonna be able to get him so he is mine, Since they guy backed out he has lowered the price to $275.00 this for both the glider and the starter cage. Bella will cost me $250.00

02/01/13  10:45pm

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