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 I have some questions for Kellie

first how old do you have to be a wildlife
second what’s the yearly cost
how do you get the permit
what was your favorite animal
how many animals on average do you get
why would you need to keep an animal as a pet
and could you keep a rehilbilitated animal for eduacatonal purposes

07/03/09  10:21am


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  Message To: Zookid239   In reference to Message Id: 2033297

 I have some questions for Kellie

Hi there! Sorry it has taken me sooo long to reply.....been in the mountains playing with critters!

Wow, alot of questions...i’ll try my best to answer them:

Each state sets it’s own wildlife programs(except migratory birds, that’s federal), so you will need to find out what your state laws are.

In Arkansas, you would have to get 250 hours of animal care under a licensed rehabber, you also have to get city/county/parish authorities to sign an ordinance, at least one veterinarian signature who will help you make medical decisions and who can give you the medicine you might need.

I don’t know that I have a "favorite" animal......each species I work with, is very special and amazing. I’ve always been drawn to big cats, so if I could only work with one thing, that would be it.

Omg....yearly costs....if I actually knew, I would probably be working a 2nd or 3rd job!!! It is very expensive, each animal has it’s own diet and medical care. You have to be vaccinated with pre-rabies shots, which cost around 500.00.

So far this year....I’ve had.....grey foxes, raccoons, skunks, opossums, deer, squirrels, flying squirrels, snakes, armadillos, coyotes, turtles, bobcats....

In Arkansas, I am not allowed to keep the animals I rehabilitate that are healthy. I wouldn’t want to anyway, that defeats what my purpose is. Only those that cannot survive in the wild or those with medical concerns can be kept and used as "educational" purposes.

Oh also....I have no clue if there is an age restriction...I would think 18, but I honestly don’t know.

If you need more info, just let me know

Kritter Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation™

07/07/09  02:43pm

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