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Wolf Woman
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How old do you have to be to have a licence to own a wolf or more?

06/01/09  07:17pm


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It varies with every state. You should ask your local fish and game.

Also, in most states, you can only keep exotic animals if you own a zoo, a wildlife rehabilitation center, a medical research facility, or something similar. Many states don’t allow them to be kept as pets or companions.

06/01/09  08:09pm


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  Message To: Senshokukiba   In reference to Message Id: 2014803


Wolves are illegal to privately own, they are carnivores(meat-eaters). They are also considered a threat to livestock, domestic animals, etc.
That is for TRUE 100% wolves like the Grey, White, Black, Red Wolf. The CRC just took them off the endangered list at Yellowstone. There is no way any "civilian" without a license or permit could own one.
I hear of hybrid wolf-dogs(part "wolf" part dog).....that is a totally different story.

Kritter Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation™

06/02/09  03:50pm


Wolf Woman
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Okay. Thanks guys!

06/09/09  12:46pm


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anyone who truly loves and respects the wolf species, would never selfishly keep one like it’s a domestic dog. Wolfs are wild animals, they are not meant to be kept as a pet. if you want something that looks like a wolf, go to the shelter and find yourself a Husky shepherd mix or something.

Wolves deserve better than a life of captivity in someone’s house or backyard.

09/13/09  12:28am


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  Message To: Primal_Heart   In reference to Message Id: 2071086


Wolves are def not dogs nor can they be kept like a dog. Take it from someone who has had experiance with this. Dogs evolved from the wolf, they became domestic because they were short on food, when they evolved there a huge amount of changes in the wolf, the dogs head was smaller, the paws were smaller the brain was smaller, they became social. All the feature completely opposite from the wolf. The wolf is large, very intellegent, independent, unsociable to humans, agressive, exc. They do not deserve to be treated like dogs, they are amazing wild animals and should be respected for just that fact. You will never tame a wolf or a wolf hybrid.

This is why.....

With a dog you raised from a pup you can....
1.Correct them and have them obey
2.Obediance train them
3.Potty train them
4.Socialize them with humans and other dogs
5.Keep them in the house
6.Have kids around
7.Have company
8.Have a spouse
9.Have other pets like cats, bunnys, lizards, exc.

Those are all things you cannot do with a wolf because......
1.They will challenge you authority because that is in their nature
2. They are the boss, you don’t tell them what to do
3. They are terriotorial and once again they are the boss, They pee where they want and you can’t tell them what to do
4. They don’t accept other members outside of their normal pack, if you weren’t a member from the begining or weren’t born in, you aren’t welcome
5. They hate being indoors, they pee all over your house, fixed or not, they will rip everything to shreads
6. They tend to dominate those weaker then them.... children and elderly
7. That goes with that whole if your not part of their pack your not aloud in their territory thing
8. If you have a male, you wife is his egghead, if you have a female, your husband is hers.... they will challenge you for this if you try to over step them
9. They will kill your pets because of their very instinctive need to hunt and kill..... You cannot stop this, it doesn’t matter how much you feed them.

This is all true, doesn’t matter what you think or saw on white fang. These creatures were not ment to be tamed and it would be just cruel to lock them in a cage........ Do society a favor and don’t try.

09/19/09  04:16pm

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