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Fish girl
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 Arctic Fox

Hi i live in Colorado Springs and am looking for a fox breeder. any info would be greatly appreciated.


04/21/09  10:34pm


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 Arctic Fox


Foxes are so cool! Especially Artic foxes. They’re so beautiful. :)

I hate to be a killjoy, but owning a fox as a pet is not legal in Colorado. :’(

However, if you ever do move to a state that allows you to legally own a pet fox, check out this site:

It’s a great site that people can post their exotics for sale. You can also submit an ad for an animal that you want. It’s pretty nifty, but since it’s a free site for people to post things on, be wary of scams.

Also, I know how much it sucks to want an exotic pet like this & be restricted by the law. : I live in Massachusetts, and they’re not legal here either, which I hate because I love foxes. If you are really into it, though, you should start a petition to have owning foxes legalized! I plan on doing that pretty soon.

Best of luck! :)

06/16/10  09:10pm

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