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This was taken from this website Go to this website and watch the video!

What is HR 669?
H.R. 669 stands for House Resolution 669 and is titled "The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act". It is a bill currently before Congress that if passed will change the way that the US Government classifies animal species that are not native to the United States. H.R. 669 will make it illegal to breed and sell many animals that are very common in the pet trade.

Why should you care about HR 669?
Anyone with pet fish, birds, reptiles, or small mammals will be affected by this bill. Any company selling product or services for pet fish, birds, reptiles or small mammals will be affected by this bill. Would you be impacted by "The Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act"?

Virtually all fish in an aquarium are not native to the United States
Most pet birds are species not native to the US
Most reptiles kept as pets are not native to the US
Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and ferrets are not native to the US

Don’t let H.R. 669 pass!

If you go to this link you can send a letter/email to your state representative telling them how you feel and asking them to not let H.R. 669 pass. They even have a pre written letter to send if you are unsure of what to write and you can add to it if you want. They also have the phone number of your representative so you may follow up with a phone call if you desire. Me and my husband already sent 2 emails voicing our opinion. One for the state I live in and one for my husband’s home state of record(he’s military).

04/10/09  12:46pm


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Never have and never will like H.R. 669 as I have a great love for unusual, unique, rare lovely animals as pets. Heck someone just banned chinese fire bellied newts from crossing states and said they carried some fungal disease that has not been present in them! Why would they ban such precious newts and salamanders! By far sometimes people are jerks and they lie to get what they want! Oh that is just ruins everything making non native animals illegal to breed here in the united states! Mind as well make certain dog breeds illegal since most are from the united states! It kinda sounds stupid right? Because no one wants to have their pets taken away! It would be very difficult in the first place to force people to give up their precious loved animals that are considered family. I consider many exotic animals besides the common cat and dog to be family. I was very sadened to find out that ferrets and fennec foxes were made illegal in some states. I find no reason for this stupidity. At least I would understand if the animal was an endangered species. Well even that people would lie about how some animals are endangered and when you do the research you find out they are common not endangered. It has to be stopped. I know some animals may or may not make good childrens pets but I don’t care about that I would keep and forever love the animal. I mean come on ferrets illegal in california? They make great pets but I surely would not leave one alone with your child same thing for fennec foxes. They bite, might injure you or someone else but it’s the least of your worries especially if you know that they aren’t usually aggressive. Ferrets and fennecs are energetic. They love to run around and play but never leave any windows or doors open as they will escape. The laws people put around restricting certain animals that I believe actually won’t do as much harm to the ecosystems as other people claim they do. Making ferrets illegal in california just because they carry a certain disease that kills a type animal. Now if it was a wide variety of animals it could spread this sickness it would be a little more reasonable would it? I still don’t think making something like that illegal is right. It’s wrong.

02/17/16  08:00am


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  Message To: Hammosh   In reference to Message Id: 2317045


I don’t agree with banning every nonnative animal, but there are very good reasons that animals are banned.
Newts, for example, are banned from crossing state lines because there’s a new species of chytrid circulating among them. Chytrid fungus is a fungus that is extremely lethal to amphibians. If it is introduced into an ecosystem, it will wipe out every native amphibian, and it is extremely difficult to not spread. Multiple wild populations of frogs have been eliminated because of chytrid outbreaks brought into the area by pet animals.

I’m not sure about fennecs (which aren’t great pets, anyway), but ferrets are illegal because they can become invasive if they’re released or manage to escape. It’s the same reason why we can’t have piranha or freshwater rays in Texas, there’s too big a risk of the species becoming established if it escapes or is released. Some people buy ferrets without realizing how much trouble they are, and irresponsible pet owners like that are fairly likely to just dump their pet outside. Nonnative fish have been introduced to many parts of the world that way, and they tend to be quite detrimental to the ecosystem and to any native species they compete with. Mink released from fur farms have stripped ecosystems bare, and ferrets aren’t all that different.

And as for disease, animals kept in captivity are carrying different strains of diseases than wild animals. Captive animals may have built up at least a partial immunity to whatever they’re carrying, but wild animals who’ve never encountered that disease aren’t immune at all. If a captive animal escapes and encounters just one of the animals that its disease can spread through, the disease will rapidly spread through the ecosystem. This doesn’t always happen, of course, but like with the newts, it’s just not worth the risk. Preserving our biodiversity and ecosystems is far more important than having a cool or cute pet.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you would "forever love" your particular animal. There will always be irresponsible pet owners. Because of that, animals that present a considerable risk are usually made illegal, and that is how it should be. Banning everything would be overkill, but bans on certain high-risk species are what’s best. In fact, banning certain species is what allows us to not just have to ban everything.

02/28/16  12:07pm

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