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 Hedgehog arriving soon...

Hello everyone,

I’m Dana, mom to three little boys who will be 5, 7, and 9 w/in the next few months and believe they are extensions of Steve Irwin - fighting for conservation and urging pet owners to act responsibly! Anyway, my oldest truly has a gift with animals as I like to believe I do as well - a calmness that animals gravitate towards. We got a call yesterday from a wildlife care center as they had an abandoned hedgehog and the adoptions officer knows us rather well as we do unofficial wildlife rescue and fundraisers for them in lieu of having b-day parties w/ gifts. She wanted to know if we’d take this young female hedgehog. I ran down to see her w/ my youngest and she was quite adorable. It’s a given that if I lay eyes on something - esp. one in need - it will be in my home shortly.

The hedgehog is not well-socialized and hence the difficulty placing her. We are up to the challenge and I know my oldest son will be diligent in his attempts to tame her. Does anyone have any suggestions other than patience and frequent handling to aid in the process? The volunteer at the care center said she has been caring for her for three months and slowly bribing her w/ small worms which has been helping. At first, she couldn’t get the poor thing to not be all balled up whereas now she is sniffing around for the worms she knows are nearby. I was encouraged by this.

I was a little disappointed to read some info online from a breeder who said that her babies were held from one week old daily and that if they were not, they would never be socialized, good pets. Is this true? Are we going to be fighting a losing battle? We’d never surrender an animal or anything, but I don’t want to have my son have false hopes if it’s not going to happen - he’ll love her just the same, etc.

Anyway, if there’s any hope of gaining this little one’s trust, we’re open for suggestions. I saw Jenna’s post and I guess we’re in this together! I got a little bit of hope from one response, so I’m crossing my fingers that like the "unplaceable" cats, birds and guinea pigs we’ve opened our house to, this tiny forgotten one will warm up to us at some point.

Thanks for any help,

04/01/09  11:20pm


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 Hedgehog arriving soon...

Hedgies are very scared creatures by nature so most of them are pretty skiddish anyways. But they really do make great pets! Id say go for it. just make sure to keep the temps no lower them 72 deg as they can go into hybernation and can die. other then that get them a wheel(one safe witout holes or anything there little feet can get gurt in) a assorted brads of good quality cat food with protein in it and some fleece blankets as bedding and a nest box and they should be happy as can be. id reccomend a large wire cage as they are great ventilation!

10/12/10  03:59pm


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  Message To: AmbersGerbabies   In reference to Message Id: 2180658

 Hedgehog arriving soon...

Well if that is what the breeder said the she really doesntknow what shes talking about. you are not even really suposed to hold hedgiebabies until they are 2 weeks old, unless you like realy know the mom and she is really a calm hedgie, because there is risk of her eating the babies. I am sure your new hedgie will be fine, she may never be extremely outgoing but she may learn to trust you over time. differant hedgies have differant personalities, some of them are just very scared or grumpy. Good Luck!! :-)

01/24/11  03:37pm

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