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Nicky 714
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 Is a Chinchilla right for me?

Is a Chinchilla right for me? I have a nice size house and have room for it in my room. I have about $500.00 dollars. I have a lot of time to spend with it about 3 hours a day. I want to just have a pet that will cuddle up with me and bounce around the house!Do you think its right for me?

02/13/09  07:04pm


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  Message To: Nicky 714   In reference to Message Id: 1952322

 Is a Chinchilla right for me?

3 hrs is not alot of time

but no i would say they are not chinchillas do not like to cuddle
plus they would get too warm

they chew everything and they are a mess you have to vacuum daily

temps should never go about 75 degrees
i dont want to discourage you but they are not as easy as you might think and finding things appropriat for them in store is nearly impossible so you will mostly be buying things online

here is a website about their care
www. chinsnquils .com just take out the spaces

if you have any specific wuestion i can help

02/13/09  10:28pm


Nicky 714
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  Message To: Lovetheleo   In reference to Message Id: 1952410

 Is a Chinchilla right for me?

If you can give me some more facts that would be great! I’m just researching them right now so I’ll take any advise!

02/14/09  11:30am


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  Message To: Nicky 714   In reference to Message Id: 1952603

 Is a Chinchilla right for me?

mainly they need

a pellet only diet
no fesh foods there tummies are VERY sensitive
timothy hay as well
they looove wheels but they need to be at least 15inches so you will have to order online
carefresh(if yours doesnt eat it) aspen, or KILN dried pine for bedding but it must be kiln dried if you use pine
water bottle
no plastic in their cage whatsoever they can eat the plastic and it can get stuck in their tummies
you can have more than one but they must be same sex or one of them needs to be fixed

that is all i can think of for now lol let me know if you have any more questions

02/14/09  11:31pm


Nicky 714
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  Message To: Lovetheleo   In reference to Message Id: 1952917

 Is a Chinchilla right for me?

How much money do you think I would have to earn for one chinchilla and all of its supplies?

02/15/09  05:01pm


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  Message To: Nicky 714   In reference to Message Id: 1953227

 Is a Chinchilla right for me?

where are you getting the chinchilla from?

if from the petshop your probably going to spend about $80 more than from a breeder especially if you plan on getting a regular one

but i would say for the cage,food, chew toys,etc plus the chinchilla

your looking at at least $250-$300 if you do it right

02/15/09  08:40pm


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  Message To: Lovetheleo   In reference to Message Id: 1953379

 Is a Chinchilla right for me?

Hi there

I own a Chinchi called Kyoko or just Kyo for short she is round 4years old now so still a baby

Chinchi’s are lovely pets i cant deny that
They are nocturnal so they are lively at night and boy do i mean lively Kyo lives in my room and keeps me awake 5nights out of 7!!
She lives off a pellet and natural diet the natural diet is dried out rose petal, dandelion, rose hip this is called Chinchilla’s special muesli it is done by the Natural company Kyo gets that mixed in with her Chinchi nuggets
Freash water is a must for them i change her water 4 times a day same applys to my gerbil
A dustbath is too be given once or twice a day do not leave in as it will dry there ears out and give bad skin plus they will go potty in it!!
Hay is essential and should ALWAYS be available never give mouldy hay as the mould can kill the Chinchi
Offer different jumping levals for the Chinchi to bounce and jump on as thats what they do best plus they LOVE to observe and look at there surrondings
As for toys toilet cardboard tubes are great Kyo likes to run around her home with one in her mouth and gets fustrated when she drops it
Also they tend to be little thiefs also Kyo has stolen many of strappy tops from me purely because of my smell but will steal it off her and give her one i dont wear anymore
They also love teddys i find that baby toys are better for them then puppy and kitten toys as with babys you have to be careful with what materials you give them
In the cage to keep there teeth down wood and mineral blocks are good
Make sure the home is escape proof the night i got Kyo she had escaped and was lying on my chest when i was sleeping
The cage MUST be big Kyo’s is 6ft long and 6ft high she has wooden planks for levals against the chicken wire then has little wooden planks around 5inch by 6inch in size to jump on to get to her levals so she uses her joints properly when bouncing also has certain bird toys which are also good for Chins so when in pet store dont just look at small animal toys bird toys and some cat and dog toys are good Kyo has a small kong she likes to drag around and push away doesnt like to chew it but likes to move it lol
A shelterd wooden Chinchilla box bed is good for them as they like to have a shelterd bed area i say that but Kyo is weird she likes to store her toys, teddys, tubes and tops in hers o.O but is good to be there incase
As for spending time with your Chinchi they must have LOTS of attention i spend all day with mine pretty much bar the 6 hours i am at work daily other than that its Kyo time
They are VERY messy i am always hoovering up the poop that falls out the cage
Plus if you want 2 Chins get them at the same time as he/she may not accept another one and introducing has to be done gradually you cant just throw a new chinchilla in your ones home you have to have another cage with the other Chinchilla in it and sit the cages next to eachother for weeks sometimes a month and if they dont like eachother you got to go back to the beginning of introduction so you are better off buying them together
Or if you are like me i prefere just the 1 as Chinchillas are partner for life animals they only have 1 mate in there life so if you have just the 1 they will see you as there "mate" which is very nice you get alot of affection back BUT only if YOU Give them it too!!
If you ignore your Chinchilla it will ignore you!!
They can live upto 15 - 20 years old some have lived upto 30 could you provide a lifetime of affection and hours upon hours a day attention?
Plus they have such personalitys Kyo rides on my shoulder and lies on he baxk on my chest and likes to try and give me haircuts to which i dont take too likely too haha :D but i dont mind her playibg with my hair to which she is fasignated by holding my hair which seems like a long brown piece of string in her teeny hands she will do that for hours just picking up strands no joke :)
As for certain genders males are more laid back than females were as females are more affectionate than males but males arent as demanding as females but still neednalot of time spent with them
Also i would say keep them in same genders like 2 females or 2 males as Chinchillas dont do well under anesthetic due to there small body it is hard to get measurements correct as they are just awkward so definetly play it safe if you want 2 have same gender
Also if you do have 2 Chins they still need aload of affection same as if it was 4 or 12 or 36 they all need lots of affection from there human partner but if you do have 2 or more you wont get as much affection as there is 2 Chins!!
Never keep near a window or heater as they can die easily from heat stroke so make sure cage is well ventalated plus condensation will ruin there fur and cause mould to grow and drafts just aint that nice are they?

I hope that all makes things clear and it helps you out sorry for the information not being together and dotted around kept on remembering things as i was typing but hope you make a good choice they are truely wonderful pets

02/18/09  08:11am

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