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 Hedgehog questions..

My boyfriend knew someone that was giving away their hedgehog because they no longer wanted it. Since him and I are both animal lovers, he agreed to take it and THEN told me we were going to keep it at my house. A couple problems though...

Im unaware of the age but he/she seems to be full grown. If they are unfriendly as an adult, can they become more tame with repetitive handling?

Is it normal that when he gets scared and rolls up, he sounds like he has severe asthema?

And finally, i read online that they like to drink water out of a bowl.. mine came with a water bottle (like those used for rabbits). Should i change it, or leave it?

thankyou :)

10/06/08  11:33am


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  Message To: Jenna813   In reference to Message Id: 1875934

 Hedgehog questions..

And i know that looks aren’t everything, but he’s albino (which im not a big fan of anyway) so one of his eyes are red.. but he appears to be completely blind in his other eye because the whole thing is white.. he’s really creepy looking..

buttt, my boyfriend as already fallen in love with it so i might as well make the best of it.

oh, and are you supposed to clip their nails?

..we named him crazy joe divola. assuming its a boy.
we kindof have a seinfeld theme with our animals :)

10/06/08  11:36am


Creepy Crawly_06
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  Message To: Jenna813   In reference to Message Id: 1875935

 Hedgehog questions..

well hedgehogs need at LEAST 2 square feet of floor space. also the water bottle should be fine. the eye is probably blind and should see a vet asap because eye problems can lead to other problems. if it is constantly curled up in a ball that means it isnt socialized and it needs to be worked with.

10/09/08  09:41pm


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  Message To: Creepy Crawly_06   In reference to Message Id: 1877958

 Hedgehog questions..

be aware that hedgehogs smell awful

03/16/09  11:52pm


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  Message To: Philupthecup   In reference to Message Id: 1969850

 Hedgehog questions..

Philupthecup, where on earth do you get your information? I have seen you post about smelly hedgehogs in another thread as well. If your hedgehog smells you have a problem. I have a 1 yr old male and neither he nor his cage smells. Yes, they poop (a lot) and their cage & accessories need cleaning often, and if you don’t do so than yes it will smell...but that’s because their urine & feces all over - not the actual animal smelling. I would suspect a poor diet or other health issue if your animal smells.

08/18/09  09:47pm

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