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 Any racoon owners ?

raccoon are so cool please post pictures and thier care needs

05/21/07  05:15pm


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  Message To: Amico   In reference to Message Id: 1289248

 Any raccoon owners ?

Hello Amico

I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in raccoon rescue. I have several non-release able raccoons. I also receive orphaned babies that I will raise and care for until they are ready to be released back into the wild.

I must express that raccoons DO NOT make good pets--they are WILD. They are not meant to be caged, unless you can afford to build a 40’l x 20w’ x 10’d(example) enclosure. I do not recommend that raccoons live indoors. They will destroy a house, use other pets as their personal play toys, and they mainly like to poop in water, wherever they find it. I have been able to "halfway" train some of mine to use a litter box, but they will still go where they want.

They are the major carrier of roundworms, which can be passed to humans and other animals. In small children, sick or elderly people, this parasite can cause serious life-threatening illness. It is imperative to clean everything raccoons come into contact with on a daily basis. And yes, they are very messy!

Raccoons are also carriers of rabies. Meaning, they can carry the rabies strain, and not show the signs of it, but can still infect a person/animal. Rabies is very dangerous, painful, and can cause death. The only way to tell if a raccoon has rabies, is by killing it and cutting off it’s head.

In most states, it is illegal to keep raccoons due to the reasons I mentioned above. It is also required by law, that people who work with/around raccoons(like me), be vaccinated against rabies. The vaccination is VERY PAINFUL.

On the brighter side, raccoons are beautiful, intelligent, and extremely entertaining animals. They are capable of expressing emotions, and can be very lovable at times. I have laughed, cried, and spent thousands of $$$$, in caring for them over the years, and wish that I could have kept them all.

I hope this is not taken the wrong way, but I personally receive many unwanted or neglected raccoons each year from people who do not know or ignore the special needs a raccoon has once it gets big. My goal is to educate the public, preserve and protect that which nature has given us for future generations.

Kritter Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation™

Here are a just a few pics, sorry for the clarity...I had to re-take the originals with my cell phone.

05/24/07  10:37am


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  Message To: BooBoo   In reference to Message Id: 1292269

 Any raccoon owners ?

i do not want a racoon my friend has one and i was just windering if they made good pets i think hers is mean

05/24/07  06:54pm


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  Message To: Amico   In reference to Message Id: 1292745

 Any raccoon owners ?

My family took care of my friends Albino racoon once. He was kinda testy, but he had been hand raised since he was a baby, so he tolerated people well. When he gets older, I’m not sure how he will act.

07/02/07  02:34pm


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  Message To: Anarchy66   In reference to Message Id: 1342975

 Any raccoon owners ?

I know this is an old posting but I must make some corrections.
Yes, raccoons are challenging but if done correctly can be wonderful pets. Not all raccoons can be rehabilitaed and released which is how we kept ours.
It is much easier to raise ONE then rehab a liter.
It is best to have a large dog as a second pet since racoons like to play rough. A lap dog will get pumbled. We play rough with ours and remember in the wild they are approximately 17-25 pounds after year one. In captivity they are usually heavier(25-30, even up to 45 pounds I have been told). Our’s is a healthy 21 pounds. So a small second pet might not work.
Vaccinations are NO BIG DEAL! They have so much fat on their backend, they feel nothing! My husband holds her in his arms and the vet gives her several shots and she doesn’t even notice. Our raccoon is fully vaccinated and is spade.
Females are always easier to handle than males. The spading process lowers the hormone and makes them a much easier pet. They should be spade early.
Raccoons need lots of attention and if you can’t give it more attention than a dog. Don’t have one. They need lots of toys. If they are tearing up your house, it’s because they have nothing to do. Our raccoon has lots of balls and squeeky toys. Our raccoon will play with a ball sometimes for 8 hours straight.
We have all cabinet doors child proofed and leave one unlocked and she knows thats her cabinet. So if you are in the kitchen she wants to be there too. They want to be where ever you are. So either be prepared for her to be in that room or have her in a large dog carrier in that room. We have three dog carriers. We work normal work hours and can leave her in a cage all day with toys but when we get home she is very excited to get attention.
Our raccoon is liter trained. We tried the automatic liter but our’s dismantled it and thought it was a toy.
Ours is feed by zoo food which is shipped to our home monthly.
We have an indoor cage and outdoor cage. Our outdoor cage which is in the garage is 6f tall 6 f long and 6 f wide. But she wonders freely in our backyard when we are there.
We try to put her in a tree to climb daily. She follows us everywhere we go and all our neighbors know her, including the maillady.
We have done plenty of reading on multiple animals and have spoke to others who have raccoons to gain insight on the best ways to handle things.
State of Indiana allows the breeding and sales of raccoons. Some which have been breed, I believe, 30 generations. Most states allow them as ownership but you must have your animal registered and have a widelife conservation officer inspect for your license. This is considered an exotic animal.
We do not give ours a dog bowl of water because, yes they are messy!!! We have a one liter feeder bottle and that solved that issue.
We give her baths and wash her in good smelling shampoos. We could not stand the puppy shampoos. Now that she is bigger it is harder to wash her. She can open a shower door with her little hands. Our shower has a spray hose on it and my husbands would hold the doors closed. But we discover out. 90 gallon jet tub works best. We throw tons on toys in there and lots of bubbles and she jumps in. Then I scrub her down. Again I need my husband to help grab her and put the towel on her or she shakes like a dog and we all get a bath. Of course summer months are easier since you can bath her outside.
She does get mean only if we mess with her when she is eating. This is a natural instinct and we have adapted to this.
She is not like a regular lap animal. They are constantly moving and feeling everything. I come home and fill my pockets with snacks and sit her in my lap and for the next hour she is going crazy grabbing things out of our pockets and eating them.
They are called bandits for a reason. They are thieves. She will seek up and steal anything out of a pocket like lightning. Our neighbors have had her for hours at a time and she will steal the screw drivers and wrenches and hid them under pillows. So figure out where they hid stuff.
Oh and the round worms. We started deworming immediately and constantly have deworming in her food. We have had her stool tested for the dangerous types of roundworms and if she had been positive with out being able to obtain a negitive stool study we would have put her down. Here is why. The Baylisascaris is a type of roundworm that is deadly to humans. There is no cure. But if you have bought one from a breeder and take it to a vet regularly there should not be any problems. Ours was a rescue so we had to make sure she was clear.
Look I am not trying to paint a wonderful picture of having a raccoon for a pet. They are lots of work. They are a "pack animal" and you need to be educated not only knowing how to be the alpha dog of the pack but constantly educating yourself about the species. But we have enjoyed having ours and if we ever lost her, would want another.

12/24/10  02:43pm


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  Message To: Niki5500   In reference to Message Id: 2194233

 Any raccoon owners ?

Yeah, I had a raccoon. It didnt work out so well. I got it off the side of the road when my friend hit its mamma. I raised it as a pet but it got mean so I gave it away. They dont make good pets. and if you have coon dogs like me it is also a bad idea cause the dogs wanna eat it. lol :)

06/07/11  12:20am


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  Message To: Niki5500   In reference to Message Id: 2194233

 Any raccoon owners ?

by the way we call em coons in TN.

06/07/11  12:21am

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