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Reptilian Nation
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 REPTILIAN NATION EXPO : Fresno, Ca - January 30-31, 2016


January 30, 2016 (10am-6pm)
January 31, 2016 (10am-5pm)


Commerce Building
1121 S. Chance Ave.
Fresno, CA 93702



-Brian Barczyk of SnakeBytes TV and other guest speakers!!!!

11/13/15  11:00am


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 REPTILIAN NATION EXPO : Fresno, Ca - January 30-31, 2016

What can you tell me about emerald swifts...I’ve had 2,male and a female. Female is currently pregnant but my lol guy seems to be a bit sick so I’ve separated them until I know exactly what is wrong with him and it’s 100.00 just to walk thru the front door which isn’t a issue,it’s HAVING the money. The other night I thought I’d lost him.he hadn’t moved at all in over 8 hours and I was about to pick him up but he wudnt open his eyes nor move,which thank the Lord he did,my boyfriend got him to shutter a bit then I held’s freezing where I am right now and Windows have to be done still but he seemed to warm up and was actively acknowledge me when I spoke to him. Then he lundged off of me and so I got him n put him in his tank.I know these type of lizards like to semi-hibernate during fall and winter months and it’s why I made him move about once a day.well the heat seemed to boost up his bowels cuz he had to poop and like NOW.
he went but looked weird the way he was moving backwards,made me think of constipation. Then he pooped.I saw blood in his stool sample he left me,with an air bubble in it to boot. It seemed to be moving on its own so I thought omg he’s badly sick.but I found nothing else in the looked like it only had one cricket in it and that the air bubble was diminishing down hence the movement. I’ve read all I can read on these lil guys and gals and I love them to the high stars.I lost 3 corn snakes last yr,2"mysteriously disappeared",which was a filter ex roommate n her snake bf took the girls,Ophelia and Cheyenne. Marley and Magic are my dragons names...after the girls I got a baby male with a link in his back and wudnt eat.any which way we cud give him good we tried but he just wudnt eat but Frank alot,then he wasn’t moving,again thinking the house was too cold I got my bf to get him and give him to me. He started spinning and twirling in circles,have him back to the shocked bf and took Joe back and it’s like I heard and felt his neck break and he died.3 months I had him and the loss still comes as a shock..
Aside from food and heat,what else can I do? I keep watching poop but he hasn’t eaten a lot so no real poop. I know they say if u can’t afford the vet don’t buy the pet which just throws me into a guilty-feeling orbit that I can’t free myself from til we see the doctor. There is only 1 herpetologist in my city and I don’t know if he’s real or just a doctor that knows a lot but we got one in the city and the next is 4 hours away. What else can I do? I’m kinda freaking out.Marley don’t mind being handled since I have since day one..he fell asleep on me the first time I had him. Magic likes to be petted and only my bf has been able to pick her she bit me the first time I tried and I was in shock but duh so was we try to keep them happy and warm. She is a heat hog. In the 55 gallon take I have my uvb and a heat lamp and the heat is under a mountain she don’t seem to want to get off of...she’s due anytime and when she has the babies she’ll be moved into the 30 gallon tank with Marley if he gets better,im lining up another tank just in I doing the right things??

11/20/15  09:21am

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