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 California Reptile Show

Have you heard that America’s Family Pet Expo is having a reptile show and sale in conjunction with their annual event in Orange County, CA this April?
“America’s Family Pet Expo, a 3-day pet expo featuring more than 1,000 animals, will also feature dozens of varieties of reptiles on display and for sale at their Reptile Show and Sale. From lizards, snakes, to tarantulas – of all colors, shapes and sizes – adults and kids will have the opportunity to interact with hands-on demonstrations, touching and holding. Getting to know these animals will give attendees looking for a new scaly companion a better understanding of how to be a responsible owner and choose which pet reptile is right for them. Plus, twenty percent of all reptile booth sales at the show will benefit The United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK), an education and advocacy group promoting awareness and responsible care of reptiles. For more information and to purchase tickets visit”

02/16/12  02:17pm

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