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Marissa4   KrazyKelli  

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 Dog Collar

Hey everyone! havent been here on a while. doubt anyone even remembers me!

but anywho, I want to get a pink spiked dog collar for my olde english bulldogge, (I have a brown one but everyone thinks she is a boy when she wears it.. she is not a boy lol). However, I am having a hard time finding real pink leather that is in my price range, any sujections on where I can find such a collar?


Ohh and this is the little princess that will be wearing it

11/16/12  04:24pm


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 Dog Collar

No clue what your price range is. But Black Friday coming up and all, many websites on google - should you only type up ’pink leather spiked dog collar’ - are having sales including them. Like petco here: Link

11/16/12  11:09pm

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