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 Adjustment time

I’m a pretty avid animal person, I’ve done a lot of research but I know research doesn’t exactly mean the norm so maybe people have better experience.

I’ve got a 3 year old Pomeranian who we got at 10 months old, and she was living with another dog just fine. She was the only dog in OUR household for about 2 years.

My dad and stepmom adopted another dog yesterday, a cairn terrier mix, who is just a little older than the pomeranian but is male (where she is not xD).

They had them meet at the humane society first and though they weren’t THE BEST of friends they were nice and whatnot so they took him home.

Well now she is snippy and meaan and you can tell a little on the depressed side but I know she’ll come around.

But I was wondering if anyone has a relative amount of time? Because the Cairn, Peppy, LOVES other dogs and tries to play with her but she bares her teeth and snaps at him and whatnot. When she does this we do tell her no in a stern voice and poke her (don’t even bother with rants about ’abuse’ because there is no abuse here).

But anyways. Anyone have an approximate time frame for how long it may take Tia to get over her pomeranian self? xD

06/24/12  06:59pm


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  Message To: Elliptical   In reference to Message Id: 2271115

 Adjustment time

It’s not ’how long to wait’ but instead proper introduction and fixing problems when they occur. Waiting just means the problem will get worse and more hardcore (and harder to fix).

What’s going on is the the Pom owns the place. It’s her private little bubble. The outside world? It’s okay, it can have other dogs in it, but this is her territory. This new dog was thrown into the bubble and Tia is telling everyone that it’s stressing her out, she feels like she’s being challenged, like she’s going to be kicked out of her territory, and is reacting thusly.

For now I recommend long dog walks, at least for Tia (both is much better), once to twice a day. If the dog is worn out and exhausted, she’ll be less inclined to complain. Traditionally, this is something that should have been done before Peppy was introduced.

Next, spend more time with Tia over Peppy. This shows Tia that she’s still #1, that she’s not being replaced. This reassures her. This will be a tough step, as you’ll naturally want to play with the new dog, but it’s necessary.

Of course, have separate food dishes, and when the feeding is done remove the dishes from sight (put them in a cabinet or something). This will discourage territory over food.

That would be a good place to start on this issue.

Now remember that not all dogs get along. If things escalate to the point that Peppy is taking major wounds, or they’re out to kill each other when in sight, it’s not fair to Peppy to keep him. Keep that in mind as well.

06/25/12  02:36pm

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