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Rae rae
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 Leaving dogs in cars

So my family and I were headed back home from my mom’s house today for mother’s day and we decided to stop by the local pet shop to get some more reptile supplies. When we walked out of the store to get in the car there were 2 guys standing in the parking lot with a little pit puppy on a leash. Then when we went to drive off we saw them headed towards the store without the puppy. My husband (police officer) noticed they left the puppy in the car.

Btw...we live in the HOT south! It is NEVER okay to leave your dogs or kids in a car for even a couple of minutes here because it gets soooo hot! My husband put the car in reverse, rolled the window down and yelled at them to get their attention. He said, "So why are you leaving the dog in the car?" Their reply was, "We left the windows cracked." My husband said, "Okay you need to take him in the store with you." When they still proceeded to argue with him, my husband then pulled his badge out and threatened to call animal control if they did not go get the puppy and take him with them into the store. Then they played dumb and acted like they didn’t know they could take the puppy in the pet store.

People make me sick! They don’t care about animals or their well being!

05/13/12  05:19pm

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