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 Boomers story.

This is Boomer. He is only 7 months old. He is a long haired chihuahua/jack russell terrier mix. Or so we guess. I wanted a puppy so bad for my 19th birthday and out of luck or fate or whatever I managed to get him. My uncles friend was offered him by a lady walking on the street, and he said the dog looked just like my uncles, and claimed the lady stole him. However, it was not my uncles dog. And he was given to us.

We instantly fell in love with him and he loves us. He started getting sick and throwing up a few weeks after we got him. He would go through these days where he would lay around and not eat at all and be very lazy, then wake up an be hyper the next. We took him to the vet when we had the money and they said he had ring worms and tape worms. The worms went away however this weird behavior of not eating and throwing up continued on and off.

My dad passed away on the 17th of January. Boomer got worse shortly after, we thought maybe he was depressed. Last wednesday we rushed him to the vet when he seemed disoriented and hadnt eaten or kept food down for around three days. They could tell something was not right and thougtht maybe he had an object stuck in his intestines. He was set up for surgery the next morning. That night he was awful though. He paced aimlessly around the house, seemed dazed and blind. Drooled very heavily and wouldn’t sit still. We took him the next morning and dropped him off at the vet. Around 3 hours later the vet called with results that he had very high enzymes in his liver. They told us he was acting normal now and that we would need to come in and talk to the vet.

It turns out boomer has PSS. Liver shunts. They gave us a hand out and sure enough boomer had all the symptoms. After reading it I read that we have three options. He can be treated with medicine, he could have surgery or he would have to be euthenized. We are currently treating him with medicine and it has made him his normal happy spunky self. We go in later this week to have an ultrasound done of his liver to find out how many shunts and where they are located. This will determine if surgery will fix his problem. Surgery is around 2500 dollars. My mom said she will pay if it keeps boomer alive and healthy. However if we find out there are too many and they are located in bad places, we may have to put boomer down.

I will keep you updated on Boomers results and I really hope that this can be fixed with surgery. Because along with the pacing and dazed episodes which keep us up all night long having to watch him comes severe random agression. Something that we cannot deal with. He has attacked me and my mom in the face three times and attacked our hands.

I just wanted to share, sorry for the long post. I keep my fingers crossed that nothing bad will happen to him. And I would like it if even though you dont know him, you keep your fingers crossed as well. I would hate to lose my little baby.

02/06/12  12:51pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Snapsitsme   In reference to Message Id: 2254189

 Boomers story.

Wow, really sorry to hear about your dad. Seems that you’re not having the best of luck lately. I found your post so interesting...from a medical standpoint that is. I don’t believe I have yet seen a dog with liver shunts in the years I’ve been a tech...or at least they’ve never been diagnosed. I really hope the best for your baby. I will pray that if he needs surgery he will do fine. The liver is a big part of properly metabolizing anesthesia...but I’m sure that if your vet says he needs it, then that’s the best move to make.

I’m sure that with all of this going on with your family and now your dog’s health that him acting aggressive is just kind of the icing on the cake for your emotions. I may not be able to help you out with his health, but maybe I can help out with the aggression?? The aggression may not be related to the medical issues...but he may just be feeling bad, and so it may have something to do with it. I do know with Chihuahuas that they can tend to go through a "testing" phase which is very normal. It sometimes includes snapping or biting when you’re doing things like picking them up, clipping nails, etc. You could possibly (if you feel up to it) work on that part by giving him a slight correction when he does it. And give him lots of positive reinforcement when he acts appropriately.

I know right now it may be very hard to do any work with him at may be too overwhelming for you...and that’s fine. You really need this time to mourn your loss. If that’s the case then I will shut my mouth! Lol! But if you do need some help with it, feel free to msg me. I will try to help you if I can. Even with some vet questions, if you have any. The vet I work for is my best friend and I can ask her anything! Hope it all brightens up for you very soon!

02/08/12  11:03pm

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