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 Arkansas dog missing for 7 years returned to Owner.

The news article is here: Link


ROGERS, Ark. (AP) — A dog that went missing seven years ago in northwest Arkansas soon will be reunited with her original owner after living under a pseudonym for all that time with another family in the same town.

Read the whole article for the details.

If you had trouble reading it, this is basically what it says in a nutshell.

This guy, named Andrew Navarette, got a ShihTsu and microchipped her. Comes off as a caring owner. One day he lets his dog out to perambulate and when he goes to let her in, she’s gone. She never comes back.

7 years later the shelter finds this dog loose, scans it, and finds the microchip. The Navarette guy luckily never changed his phone number, though he moved across the country since. Shocked at the news, he of course wanted his dog back.

What happened to the dog? We don’t know. But this one lady by the name of Kim Rafter apparently had possession of the ShihTsu for those years. She gave some pretty vague statements about how it came into her possession, and doesn’t know how it got loose and was picked up by the shelter in the first place. She’s upset that, now that the original owner was found, she has to give it up. And said some stuff like, "I’m sure we’re the only ones she’s bonded with."

What I think happened was what I’ve seen on this very forum from time to time. Someone picks up a dog they find walking around and, instead of taking it to the shelter, assumes it’s ’a stray’ and insta-adopts it without looking for its owner simply because it may not have a collar on. Either that or the dog was snatched, which is a very real possibility.

What are your thoughts?

07/07/11  11:34am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2227913

 Arkansas dog missing for 7 years returned to Owner.

My thoughts are exactly the same as you. Someone found a dog (doesn’t matter if someone left a gate open, something scared it and it got out, whatever) they found it and kept it without looking for it’s real owner.
My aunt found a little white poodle, she’s had that poodle for a bit over a year now. The dog needed it’s shots and she took it to the vet and she mentioned that she had found it over a year ago. Vet scanned it and it has a chip.
To me, the vet should have called the company and got the owners name and address, but instead, he gave my aunt the address of the company and told her she could call herself. He said she’s had her for a year, statute of limitations has run out (whatever) and she can call if she wants.

She did call, the dog is registered to someon in another state and they gave her the people’s name and number. So, these people may have been out here visiting and the dog got lost somehow.

I personally have tried to talk my aunt into calling these people. I think it is her responsibility to give these people back their little dog. She says no, she loves the dog. At least call the people and give them the chance to say they want the dog back, and let them know she’s ok.

It could belong to some little old lady that has been wondering for over a year what happened to her beloved little pet.

It’s sad, and my aunt is stupid. She even let the dog breed to her male mutt poodle mix dog, then she got the female spayed. (shouldn’t have let her breed in the first place)

Anyway, i’m on a roll, i guess i better stop. But in my opinion, my aunt is doing the wrong thing and we’ve all told her that.

07/18/11  01:45pm


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  Message To: May92   In reference to Message Id: 2229603

 Arkansas dog missing for 7 years returned to Owner.

I think somebody else should call the original owners of the dog since your aunt obviously isn’t caring, or responsible enough to do it herself. It should have been done the instant you found out the dog had owners. Your aunt could be arrested for theft in some states.

As for the news story.... it happens all the time and it sucks. People automatically think that because they see a dog running loose and nobody on its heels then it got dumped, or the owners are bad. I had a dog that was an escape artist. I’d usually be right behind her when she got out, but one time she got out the front door and busted my gate open when I was getting a box left by the mailman. I had no pants on, so I had to take care of that before grabbing the car keys and taking off after her. She got to the next street over and was grabbed by some people. They took her into their house, so of course I couldn’t find her. After driving around for 30 minutes I went back home and posted everywhere I could think of on the internet. I got a call that same evening from the neighbor of the people that had my dog. She told me she had seen them with my dog outside and they told her she was their new dog. I was so infuriated at this news that I drove right over there, marched into their house, and grabbed my dog. As I was heading to the car I yelled a thanks to them for finding her. They should be glad I didn’t catch them months down the road or they’d be in jail. People need to realize that a lot of stray animals have owners that love them dearly and are looking for them, rather than make assumptions and not even try to find where the animal belongs.

07/30/11  04:12am

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