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So my dog, like most dogs out there, is spooked by fireworks. Not good considering they’ve been doing large firework displays down the street since yesterday (July 2).

Problem is that he needs to piss at 10 pm, so he wont have any accidents during the night (not that he ever does, but it’s not like I’m going to torture the dog to find out what his full tolerance is on the matter.) He goes out with me at that time, a firework goes off, and he turns to go right back into the house.

It isn’t a large freakout like the ones you see on the tele. He doesn’t hide in the corner or jump through windows. It just makes him nervous and upset, which is completely understandable given that he has dish-like ears and can feel vibrations due to his lowness to the ground. I just wish I could convince him to relieve himself at the normal times so he wont have to hold it in all night.

So anyway, talk about your July 4 (and other firework) griefs or stories. How does your dog fair? How do you deal with it? Or don’t you?

07/03/11  11:30pm

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