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 The starer HELP

So i have a Catahoula/bulldog mix. and i really want to take her to a camp im a staff member for. Camp P.A.W.S. and when we temperment tested her she kept stareing at the dog.

she wasn’t alowed in camp because of this.
Its not even an "agressive" stareing. because if a dog walks buy her, she backs away. NOT like "dont get near me or ill kill you" its like "please dont hurt me, im getting out of your way.." because if she gets to know the dog, she is perfectly fine.

what i want is suggestions for easiy training to make her relize that stareing is BAD and that she cant do it. PLEASE HELP

06/22/11  12:00am


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 The starer HELP

I have never heard of this being an issue, but if this helps at all, I would try get her more active in playing and reward her with treats for being more distracted and loose and just playful. Maybe this will bring a more upbeat personality out of her.

06/22/11  12:08am


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  Message To: Reptilezilla1616   In reference to Message Id: 2226118

 The starer HELP

You need to teach your dog the "Leave it" command.

It should start with treats and gradually move up to refer to dogs.

Get two types of treat, high value and lower value (i.e. kibble versus say ... cheese or hot dog).

Make your dog sit, while on a leash, put a piece of the low value treat on the ground. When the dog goes for it, say "Leave it". Do not repeat the command. Wait until the dog looks away from the treat. If you have to, put your foot over it, or just make sure the leash length does not allow them to get it. When your dog looks away for any length of time, treat her with the high value treat.

Repeat this process until the dog is leaving it without you having to step on the food or hold the tension on the leash to keep them from it.

Once that is successful, do it off leash.

Never, ever, ever let the dog get the treat you want it to leave. It will ruin the training.

Once the dog gets that down, get a friend with their dog. Put your dog on a leash and walk her outside. Have your friend walk past you while the dog is still. When she looks at the other dog, tell her to "Leave it". As soon as she looks away, reward her. Never reward her for looking at the dog. Do not pet her, do not speak to her in a calming tone. Only reward for looking away. The dog will eventually associate looking away from other dogs with food.

That should solve the issue.

06/23/11  08:15am

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