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 Red bumps

Hello everyone. I have a year old Irish Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier. For the past few months he has had a series of red bumps where his testicles would be if he was not altered. I have treated him with multiple things including dog/horse antibacterial cream, and hydrocortisone cream (as recommended by a vet.) I took him to three vets, all of them said it is an allergy to grass or fleas. The bumps have no egghead in or around them, there are no breaks in the skin only small bumps similar to ant bites without the white tips. We do have fire ants in our back yard that I am currently trying to get rid of, however I have seen bites before from these ants and the bumps do not resemble ant bites. At first I thought perhaps it was a staph infection. Vets took samples and checked it and said it was in fact not staph... It does not seem to bother him, however it bothers me not knowing what it is. I was hoping that someone possibly has some insight they can share with me on the matter. Anything would be helpful.

Bump details:
Small pen head sized bumps.
Red in color
No egghead or signs of infection
No spreading to other areas been in one area for three months
Slight irritation rash around the bumps
No signs of major pain or itching
they seem to "just be there" and he normally ignores them

06/16/11  11:12pm


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  Message To: Kamalla323   In reference to Message Id: 2225242

 Red bumps

i am no expert.. obviously. but gabby get those same red spots on her lower stomach when she swim in the swamp.. sounds like allergies to me. but like i said it could be wrong. you can give your dog "people" benedryl, its the exact same stuff that vets give to dogs..

our vets benedryl is cheaper than sold in stores.. so our family usually just takes that stuff. Maybe try benedryl and if it goes away then you know its alleriges??

06/17/11  07:40pm


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  Message To: Marissa4   In reference to Message Id: 2225393

 Red bumps

Didnt think about using benedryl. I thought it was allergies, and the vets said thats what it is but its only where his testicles would be, no where else. He has a grass allergy and breaks out in bumps to certain grasses but thats all over his body. Anyone’s dog have a similar issue with their dogs? Small allergy like bumps but only in one area?

I have been putting hydrocortisone cream on him and its looking a little better but still not all the way gone. I have kept him inside for the past three days just in case it is the ants or grass outside still no difference. I also flea dipped him to eliminate that possibility as well.

As I said it does not seem to hurt him I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with their pets and the solution they took.

06/17/11  10:45pm


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  Message To: Kamalla323   In reference to Message Id: 2225431

 Red bumps

I’d go with Benadryl as well. You can do 1mg per pound of dog and you can round up as well. There are no ill of effects of Regular (just the normal pink one) Benadryl in dogs. In fact, I have a god that gets three Benadryl a day and has been for six years to help with her allergies. I just buy the generic brand in the giant bottles.

06/19/11  10:14am


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  Message To: ShadowAceD   In reference to Message Id: 2225690

 Red bumps

I think it was a type of eczema, I used some Hydrocortisone cream for three days and it went away :)

06/19/11  08:24pm

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