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 Yo, training help again...

I’ve made these threads before. The jist of it is that my corgi charges and growl/barks at other dogs in the area around my house.

I walk him at my side on a chain-collar leash. I have the leash in a loop and hold it short, but slack. The chain is high up on the neck. He doesn’t pull and pisses on command at light posts; except when he comes across around 75% of the dogs he encounters.

Outside of the immediate area, like at the park or Petsmart, he completely ignores the dogs. Or, if they approach him, he butt-sniffs and returns to me like nothing happened.

He also completely ignores people, bikers, cats, etc. He will run after children if the children run away from him (and sometimes act mean as a bluff). But I was told by breeders that that’s purely a herding response. He’s never bitten another dog and never grabs running kids.

All that out of the way, I took him for a walk today and he met this fluffy white dog around his size. The dog wanted to play and was all whiney. So I let Yukito’s leash a little loose so he could walk up close to it and sniff it. They had a normal dog greeting. Sniffed, got interested in each other, the fluffy white dog wanted to play and was bouncing everywhere. Then suddenly my dog tensed up and did his growl/bark charge. It was a split second thing. I pulled him away, corrected him with the chain collar, and had him walk up and down the sidewalk (to which he eventually ignored the dog altogether) and continued my walk. I later learned that the white dog was an unfixed male, and that other dogs are mean to it as well...

.... But that’s no excuse. I don’t want people thinking my perfectly friendly 8-year-old dog is an aggressive train wreck.

He’s a highly trainable dog. So if there any any very basic steps I can use to teach him to know better, or to socialize him more with other dogs, please tell me.

05/01/11  03:50pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2216773

 Yo, training help again...

basically all you can do in those instances is obtain immediate control over your dog...which is what you’re doing. you can have the best trained dog in the world, but that doesn’t matter when another dog is unbalanced. like your neighbors dogs are very unbalanced and so that sets him it would me too lol! and with the factor of the white fluffy dog not being sounds like your corgi is just a dominant type of dog.

all dogs have personalities they learn. from birth puppies will learn what their rank is with their own litter mates. so if you happened to pick out a pup that dominates his sisters and brothers then most likely he will have a dominant personality. that’s not necessarily a bad just have to know how to deal with it.

and i think you’ve done a good job working with him with the leash, collar, etc. and i know you’ve told me before about your corrections and i think those are good as well. so in some cases, it’s not your dog with the problem, it’s other people’s dogs. and if someone else has an unspayed, unneutered, or just misbehaved dog...then your "more dominant" dog’s reaction can be with aggression because that’s only natural. so unfortunately you can’t do anything about their dogs, just make sure your dog will always respond to you.

when you see the first bit of fiixation out of him...the very slightest bit of tension (even watch for things like him putting his tail high in the air) then make sure it is corrected and never let to escalate. you want to catch him at a level one or two and not wait until it gets to nine or ten. oh have a it the kind with or without a tail lol! even if he has a nub, you can tell if it is sticking up and looks stiff.

well, hope that helps a little bit. just didn’t want you to think that you’re doing something wrong. and as far as what everyone else thinks...let them know real quick like that their dog could be the one causing it and explain why. if they don’t agree, then they’re just ignorant and maybe you don’t want your dog playing with theirs kids hahaha!

05/20/11  01:39am


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2220058

 Yo, training help again...

Eh, I can halfway accept if he’s dominant (though he keels over and pisses himself when confronted by bigger dogs.) Or if he’s protecting me since I’m naturally paranoid. It’s just... Even if the millions of dogs out there are unstable, or if my dog is as well, I can’t let me dog get mean like that. There’s gotta be a way to make him act better.

Two walks ago someone let their little rat terrier dog outside without a leash. My dog is known to snarlbark at it when it gets territorial at him. So instead of stop and wait for the owners to show up, I put my dog on the opposite side of me and continued walking. I walked at a pace that my dog could not stop at and kept a tight hold on the leash. He gave one ’Gr!’ at the beginning, but then was too busy walking forward to turn around and do anything about it. And this little dog was at his freaking heels. I couldn’t see it, but man could I hear it yap right behind me. Yuki made a fuss about it until we left the yard and the little dog felt justified enough to turn back. Then he threw himself at the grass and crapped. Probably had an instant bowel movement from all the excitement.

When I got back, my mother - who was there at the time - commented on how a tuft of fur was coming off his butt. I chalk it up as him shedding, but she’s adamant the little dog nipped him.

Either way, that technique - though it wore my wrist out - worked the best so far.

On another limb, I’m a bit worried about Yuki’s... uh... respect towards me. He use to do things immediately, and he still will in certain situations. It’s just that he no longer comes when I call him. Like, unless I’m practicing with him and he’s in work mode (like he’ll stop on command during walks and stuff), he needs some ’reason’ to come to me when I call him in or outside of the house. I use to just clap twice and there he’d be. Now I need to have, say, a baby carrot with me, saying ’cookie’, or ’outside’ or something to get him to come. I don’t know what made him change. He use to just come.

I know it’s not just me dreading uncontrollably. I let the leash go in the yard today. Let him go a ways into my yard, clapped twice and said commandingly, "Come!".... Nothing. He was too busy picking at mole burrows. I waited, then went down on my knee. Tried again. Didn’t even turn an ear towards me. Waited again, then did it in an excited, cheerful, baby voice. Nil. He didn’t respond. Such a polar opposite to him a few months ago. You can see why I’m concerned.

05/21/11  12:30am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2220197

 Yo, training help again...

Random Update: The ’Come’ Command hasn’t been all lost. I took Yuki out to an empty lot today full of tall grass and let him walk around it without holding the leash. Every time I walked off and said ’come’ without even looking at him, he would stop what he was doing and run right up to me, then beside me. Inside the house? Eh, still working on that.

05/26/11  02:19pm

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