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 Caught BLUE handed

well my brother had a friend over, and i was on the laptop. and his friend (chris) said "whats that blue stuff!?" and i looked over. and all over the WHITE carpet was blue and brown dye!! i was SO upset! we looked around for the sorce. and who walks in. Hydee. my new dog. with BLUE dye all over her paws and a blue and brown chewed up hacky sack in her mouth!!! guess who slept in the dog crate lst night. lol

04/29/11  12:32pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: MisterKabob   In reference to Message Id: 2216492

 Caught BLUE handed

haha! that’s so funny! i caught my dog pink handed one time. my two dogs at the time megan and nina were staying with my mother for a couple of days while i was out of town. my mother then tells me my chihuahua nina has been tearing everything up! i was so shocked. she was using the bathroom in the house and tearing up paper and shoes.

so when i went to pick both of them up, my mother then tells me that nina must have also gotten into her computer ink and she found ink all over the living room. so as i open up the back of my car, my pit mix megan jumps in and i look down at her paws to find she has pink ink all over her legs and feet! poor nina has been blamed the whole time! haha!

r.i.p. megan!

05/20/11  01:43am

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