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 We’ve got PUPPIES!!

"Peaches" was a stray found up north. She was taken to a high kill rural shelter. From there she was rescued and made the 5 hour trip to my home. She was rescued Sunday and gave birth Monday.

Peaches- The day of rescue.

Monday first puppy born

A happy mom with all 5 puppies

Mom is such a sweet girl. Shes a sheltie/corgie mix, I think about 2 years old. She had 4 black and white pups, and one tri colored girl with rott markings. Fostering a mom is the best experience. I can tell shes so grateful.


04/13/11  08:56am


Rae rae
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  Message To: Brandy734   In reference to Message Id: 2214195

 We’ve got PUPPIES!!

they are so cute! i don’t see how you can foster lol! i couldn’t keep a dog for a while and then give her up! i mean dont get me wrong, i’m glad there are people like you out there that can do this, but i just don’t think i would be strong enough to do that. well i lied...i did do that once. i rescued a dog from work that was abandoned with a badly broken leg and was going to be put down. i assisted the doctor with her surgery...took 2 hours! i fostered her until everything was healed. i then contacted a rescue group...but i actually didn’t even trust them hahahaha! i ended up having to put an ad out myself to make sure she went to the right home lol!

so i definitely give you props! it takes a lot of hard work and time and energy to take in a foster, socialize them, train them, bond with them, and find them a good home. it exhausted me haha! so good for you!

i hope you find great homes for all the puppies! it’s so funny none of them look like her!

04/14/11  12:34am


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2214333

 We’ve got PUPPIES!!

Adorable....But its been a month, where are the new puppy pics..I bet they are really cute now.

05/11/11  08:10pm

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