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Rae rae
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 Been a good and bad past month!

well the great news starts out with march 11th i had my baby!!! he was 7lbs 8oz and perfect! then it gets bad...

on the day i had him just a couple of hours before i delivered my husband’s father showed up to the hospital i was at in an ambulance and had already died from a heart attack. so now my son’s birthday is the same day of his grandfather’s death.

then it gets bad again... my FAVORITE dog ever, megan, ran away last tuesday. somehow she got out of the fence. she has gotten out before in the past and has never run away. she is the absolute best behaved dog i’ve ever had. we searched all night for her through the neighborhood and up and down the main highway we live by. but we didn’t find her. so that night my husband put signs all through our neighborhood.

the next day i called work (a vet clinic) to let them know megan was missing in case anyone should call in her rabies number. a girl i work with called me back frantic because she said she saw her down the main highway the day before. she didn’t realize it was megan until i said she was missing, but after she heard that she said it was definitely megan.

so then we extended our search through all of the neighborhoods down the highway. my sister in law lives just a street down from out street off the highway. well, then last thursday morning she called my husband because she found megan hit by a car and killed in her neighborhood!!! she was the only dog that i’ve ever had that has been truly MY dog. she followed me everywhere and listened to no one but me. everyone loved her, and she was the best dog with kids. i miss her sooo much! my pit bull droopy doesn’t even know what to do. he keeps walking around looking for her because she was definitely the pack leader. she was about 8 years old, so she still had some good time here left with me. i can’t stand to think of her out there for 2 days, scared, and then hit!!!

she’s the one on the left.

04/11/11  08:05pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2213981

 Been a good and bad past month!

I am SO sorry to hear that! Its so awful losing a dog, even more so when its tragic like that. And losing your father in law, so sorry to hear about that. Everyone goes through rough times, but that seems like so much in a short time period. But hey, Megan and your husbands father are up there together looking down :)

Congrats on your baby boy! What did you decide to name him? :)


04/13/11  08:59am


Rae rae
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  Message To: Brandy734   In reference to Message Id: 2214196

 Been a good and bad past month!

thanks. his name is riley. just took him for his one month check up and he’s up to 9lbs now!

kinda weird...when megan died, droopy our pit bull, walked around for a couple of days looking for her. but then he started to get back to normal. well as soon as she wasn’t here anymore, he began to take interest in the baby. he wouldn’t even really look riley’s way until megan was gone. and all of a sudden for the first time he approached me staring at the baby as if to ask, can i touch him? lol! so i introduced the baby to him since he was interested and he likes him now. when he sees the baby in my lap, he approaches, waits for permission, and then i lean the baby his way so he can smell and lick him lol! the chihuahuas still don’t really care if he’s there or not, but droopy has shocked me! he’s always the dog that’s scared of new things, and he really seems to like the a sweet way, not a chew toy way lol!

i wonder if it has anything to do with megan being gone, or if that’s just coincidence?

04/14/11  12:28am

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