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Leoman911   Rae rae  
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 Sick poodle!

i know for a fact my dog is sick but my gramma is in denial it also may be the food its dollar store food and when she throws up its always the food but anyways she started throwing up every once in a while now its down to about once a week and my gramma still wont listen what do u guys think it could be? and what can ii do?

03/09/11  12:43am


Rae rae
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  Message To: Leoman911   In reference to Message Id: 2208729

 Sick poodle!

i’m guessing nobody responded to this post because everyone would have the same answer...take the dog to the vet. it really doesn’t matter what anyone here "thinks" may be wrong with your dog...the truth is that it would just be someone’s opinion.

it could be 1 of a 100 things that’s wrong. only a veterinarian would be able to tell you for sure.

04/14/11  12:37am

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