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 Soylent Green Petfood

I’m going on the assumption that people know what Soylent Green is. If not, shame on you. Shame, Shame on you! ... It’s made of people!!!

I was cruising that dog food advisory website (which, btw, helped me choose Taste of the Wild) and noticed a blog or thread or something talking about how euthanized cats and dogs are put into cat and dog food, as well as lab animals, zoo animals, and roadkill. How this was the big evil disguise of the petfood industry.

So far I’ve grasped that if the ingredient of the food is listed as ’meat’, without specifying what kind of meat, you need to avoid that food. But then I was wondering if other ingredients were indicators. I can’t find the article, or any others relating to it. So feel free to post them up if you can find them.

It’s a very gritty topic, but I wanted to discuss this. Let’s talk about this ugly practice and how to detect it. Can anyone find links to it.

More importantly, can anyone find out if there are specific dogfood brands that are known to do this multi-meat rendering process? ... Same with Catfoods. It’s so very Very hard to find cat food advisory websites and everyone basically only talks about it in dogfood, so I’m a bit worried about the feline population at my house as well.

03/02/11  10:54pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2207850

 Soylent Green Petfood

Soilant green goes into pet foods?

Very interesting subject! However I am just bumping this up the now as I’m off to bed! Will be back come morning to place my view :)

03/03/11  04:45pm

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