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 Bull Terrier ownership

I’m looking into the bull terrier aka the English bull terrier. I was wondering if anyone here owns and can i get some personal accounts about your experience with the amazing dogs. also recommendations of breeders in OR near Austin, TX would be appreciated

02/17/11  08:41pm


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 Bull Terrier ownership

I’ve never known anyone on here to own one, but they are your typical Bull Terrier group dog. The EBT needs a firm hand, guidance and training through out it’s life, must always be put into place, hard headed.
But on top of that they are funny characters. They will like other Bull Terrier types have cronic skin conditions, ear problems, deafness is common in the breed and doesn’t just apply to the White ones, joint problems also.

They are a gorgeous looking dog, I was going to get one but got a APBT instead. Please don’t call them Bull Terriers as Bull Terrier is a group of dogs - Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier. Despite those breeds also falling into the "Pit Bull" category along with quite a few Mastiff breeds I hate it when people call the APBTs Pitbulls! Not an attack just clearing it’s a category of certain breeds and not a breed itself :)

Hopefully someone else on here can help you with obtaining a pup as I’m not from/in America I’d be useless but I’d recommend joining a EBT website, where many genuine breeders are. As the breed is part of the "dangerous dog" list for people wanting them as a status symbol your best bet is to obtain from someone that breeds to better the breed and not any Tom, Dock nor Harry off the street, that way you can avoid many if not all health issue you can see both parents and you will be able not to worry as both parents would be free from aggressive personality!!
Also many people off the street would charge a high price if not higher just because they know they will make cash from the pups, as that’s all they want to do.

Anyway, all the best hopefully there’s something there that’s helpful for you :)

02/18/11  03:58am


Rae rae
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 Bull Terrier ownership

each breed of dog is different. and even each individual dog is different. for example, i own an APBT. to me, there are 2 different types; one kind that has the typical "terrier" personality. and by that i mean very hyper and energetic. and then there’s the type like i have, which is the laid back silent type....hence why i named him droopy lol.

the best advice i can give is to make sure you do all your research. always do research before obtaining any pet. buy a book on the breed because that will give you lots of insight on their personality quirks and some dos and don’ts on the breed. most bully breeds are alike in the sense they are head strong and stubborn. the best possible thing to do, in my opinion, is to start training as soon as getting the dog. i know the kind of power these dogs possess and so i was not going to be one of those owners who couldn’t control their own dog. droopy knows basics, sit, lay, go to bed (crate), and heel. he minds when i tell him something and that’s what matters. my vet always says, it doesn’t matter if someone else can control your long as you can control your dog. in other words if you take your dog to the vet and he is aggressive towards the staff, you should be able to call your dog off and be able to control him. he needs to be able to see you as the boss. bullies are a breed that are definitely known for being great family pets and great with people. the danger of these breeds is the fact that they are so powerful that when you do have one that thinks it’s boss, they can do some real damage.

well, good luck. i’m in alabama so i don’t know of any breeders in your area. make sure you research a breeder very well....make sure they didn’t do everything themselves like vaccines and worming. those should always be done by a vet as over the counter stuff doesn’t always work or isn’t always done properly. be sure to see the parents, and ask for the parents vet records. ask if the parents are on heartworm prevention and make sure they’re up to date. this will tell you whether you have a responsible breeder or not.

02/19/11  12:01am


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 Bull Terrier ownership


02/20/11  06:35pm

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