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 Un-crate train?

Hello!! I’ve never posted on this forum but need some advice!! I’ll sum up the situation and feel free to post some tips!
I have a mutt (part newfie and unknown) who is one and a half years old. He was crate trained, and use to knock a bell with his nose to use the potty. Due to a divorce, i was out of the house for the summer and my ex did not maintain the routine with the bell.
He now randomly knocks the bell when he is eating, wants attention, or sometimes no reason at all bit often enough where there is no way he has to use the bathroom every time he’s ringing it. he goes in and out and in and out all day now its awful!
Thats the first problem. Should i remove the bell and just hover close by to see what it is he does when he really has to use the potty?
Second problem:
Since he was crate trained, I’m still nervous about letting him have free reign of the house. He chases the cats (doesnt harm them, just chases them around until they jumps out of reach), he ate a pillow when i left him in the living room while i made dinner, and when i try to go to sleep he paws at the door instead of napping outside or laying in the living room for the night. He’s also pooped on the floor twice even though he asks to go outside. I’ve tried to give him a dog bed to make him feel more cozy but he destroys them.
At night he still stays in his crate and doesnt seem to mind as long as there is not too much noise going on outside, and when i leave for more than 20 minutes he is also crated or outside (fenced in yard, he spends a lot of time out there due to his bell ringing habit).
Whew sorry it was so long!! Any tips on the bell issue or un-crate training would help a lot!! thanks so much

02/15/11  07:20pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Morrison13   In reference to Message Id: 2205180

 Un-crate train?

i wouldn’t recommend taking away the crate. it sounds as though he is not to be trusted to be alone in the house. one piece of advice i have is DOGS ARE OPPORTUNISTS! you can take a perfectly trained dog, and when given the right opportunity to snatch a chicken bone, couch cushion, etc they will do it. i strongly believe in crating when the dog is not being supervised because i actually had one die while i was not at home. ever since then my dogs are never left unattended to do what they please.

another thing is the fact you said he is tearing up beds and furniture. well, that’s another reason to not leave him out. if he swallowed enough of it, it could end up in an emergency visit with costly emergency surgery...i’ve seen it happen.

the bell issue...well i’ve never bell trained my dogs. they have a routine when they potty. so if he’s not using it just for pottying you can try taking it away.

ok, boils down to this. take away the bell. don’t take away the crate. he needs at least one hour of good mental stimulation a day. does he know how to heel on leash? if not, that’s something to work on. take him for walks daily so he can let out his energy. put yourself in his shoes...he sees the same walls, the same crate, the same yard, the same fence day in and day out. so if there are no walks, exercise, or mental stimulation, it leads to exactly what you’re describing. he’s ringing the bell not just to use the potty, but he knows he can get outside for a change in scenery, he knows it makes you give him attention, and all in all...he’s bored! he tears up things like his bed because he’s bored with nothing else to do.

you may even give him all the toys in the world, but without the right physical and mental exercise, he will be bored. i know my dogs get bored because they begin to dig holes in the yard. i know it’s time for more training and walks...cuz it makes me feel guilty. so don’t give him free reign of the house...but in time with proper stimulation you may be able to let him have times of free reign without worry. so work on some training with him, like sit, stay, heel, shake, lay, etc, and that will form a close knit bond between you and also he will love the attention and rewards...and it will also mentally stimulate him as well.

basically there’s no easy way out here. he needs mental and physical stimulation. and you have to give it to him. there shouldn’t be a time where he poos in the house without you knowing because he shouldn’t be left least not during training. some dogs i have trained i actually hook a leash to me and they have to go everywhere i go when they are in the house, unless they are crated. naturally a dog doesn’t want to potty in their crate, and they also don’t want to potty most of the time when they’re right in front of you on a leash. well, good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions.

02/16/11  10:45pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2205378

 Un-crate train?

Thanks for the help, he does know a few basic commands such as sit, lay down, drop it, and when you say ’how’d ya do?’ he’ll shake. lol you’re right about the mental stimulation thing, and walking needs to be a more regular part of our routine together. Thanks again!

02/17/11  03:58pm

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