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Rae rae
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 Where did your babies come from?

just for fun and curiosity, where did everyone get their pooches?

megan-came from pit bull breeder that happened to have rescued her and couldn’t keep her, so i took her. best dog i’ve ever had!

nina-came from reputable chihuahua breeder in the area.

mario-came from an accidental breed. owner brought pictures to my work one day and i fell in love and had to have him. he was 6 weeks old and weighed a pound!

droopy-he actually came from a drug dealer lol! i began searching for a pit puppy and i found him in a local paper. i called the guy to find out where he lived. my husband is a police officer and had just done a raid on the guy’s house...huge coincidence! therefore, i did NOT want to go to his house. i got him to meet us in a parking lot with the puppies and we got droopy. a week later the guy was locked up for life. glad i got droopy before he got locked up. funny thing was when he pulled into the parking lot and saw my husband, he busted out laughing because then he knew why we didn’t come to his house. i hated giving someone like that money for his dog, but he did have nice dogs (not for fighting) and they were healthy. all in all i’m pleased with the deal.

02/12/11  12:02am


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 Where did your babies come from?

This is a good thread! :)

Milla - I got Milla when I was on a road trip with a few friends around Europe. We thought we would stop in Czech Republic for a few drinks in a side street cafe, when we were ordering I seen the flyer for APBT pups they were 7weeks 5day old and demanded I wanted to see them, so after I said to my friends I phoned the number a elderly lady answerd saying there were 3 girls left, I was going to leave it as i wanted a male but something made me say that’s fine. So an hour later after having something to eat and drink and travelling I was there, there was little Milla and two brindle one solid light brindle and one normal brindle with a cute white flash diagonally across her mouth. I fell in love with the 3 but only wanted one so I had to decide between Milla and the one with the White mark, they both wanted to come home with me but Milla fell asleep on my lap and just before that tried to suckle from my chest haha. So that’s how I got Milla I still wish I got the little brindle with white as I’m a firm believer in dog picking the owner, but coming back with one dog let alone two would have caused a war with my partner! And now were not together I kick myself for it more!!

Thor - my retired hunting Bullmastiff and his sister Zena (rip) my friend Zache breeds them as he does alot of hunting, he gave them to me for my 16th (lol) Thor and Zenas litter was a difficult one we had a vet on call as the pair of them got stuck (tried to come out at same time), so a c-section got done and were pulled out together as there cords were twisted together and Zenas head included. I tended to them two with a towel and it was just a instant bond with them, I just named them Zena after the tv show and Thor after the god.

My old Nelly and Kimbå - were rescue dogs both abused and left to "Rott" to place it bluntly. Kimbå was 8 when I got her and Nelly 10weeks. Kimbå passed of old age when she was 11 and a half (young but a good age for a Dobe with a history she had) and Nelly was 2 she had brain tumour she had since she was a pup vets reckon being abused made it worse as I was found when I was walking Kimbå she was being used as a football by some kids from the next village.

02/12/11  05:34am


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2204484

 Where did your babies come from?

I like this thread too!

Slash- I was looking for a rottweiler for months and came across an ad in the paper for rottweiler puppies. So I called and went to their house and 3 huge rottweilers were barking at me- then the lady brought a box with two little rottie pups in it. They were both boys so I just picked the one that was a little bigger than the other, brought him home & named him Slash!

Ava- Well I wasn’t even looking for a dog when I came across Ava... I was just looking online at dogs and found some boxer puppy ads and clicked into it. Then I seen her and she looked EXACTLY like my old dog Abby. I HAD to have her even though she was $850. Yikes! So I called the breeder, went and looked at her, and put a deposit on her, and she came home with me about a week later.

Prince- My poor rescue boy Prince. He was found skinny, and sick, on the streets. So I helped rescue him and am fostering him. Despite all he has been through he is such a well mannered boy, and is so loving!

Capone- Capone, my pit bull, was given to me by a family member. My uncle called me up and said he got a blue pit bull, I love blue pits! I was so jealous! I went over there and seen the puppy, and my uncle said the guy had more so I took my cousin over to the guys house to look at the mom and dad and the other puppys. He only had 3 left and they were red & white, so I backed out. But I am glad I went over there because I got to see how the mom and dads temperament was. They were very nice dogs and didn’t even bark at me when I came in. The mom was a medium sized pitty with a brindle coat, and the dad was a huge pitty with a red & white coat. I think the guy said the dad had a 23 in head or something like that. Anyway a week later my uncle calls me up saying I can have that puppy! So I got him for free :)

02/12/11  09:02am


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  Message To: Brandy734   In reference to Message Id: 2204492

 Where did your babies come from?

I got Yukito at a corgi breeder who lived at a horse ranch. He was born into a line of show dogs and I had to write a contract that said that, since he wont be shown, I had to fix him immediately after purchase. The breeder only had two puppies and an older corgi (the puppies’ aunt).

I drove through a blizzard with my mother to pick him out in January 2003. The snow was thick. The woman walked to a barn with a pen, opened the pen, opened the barn door, and out came the two puppies. They had no legs! Little wormy things slinking through the snow at high speed to me.

I actually picked up his sister, thinking we were going to get her, then found that I was getting the boy instead.

We looked at show photos of his family lineage, talked about how I prepped my home, all that. Then I took him home.

He’s a great dog. I found recently that the breeder has moved on to shelties and no longer breeds corgis, so I’ll have to find a different breeder in Michigan for any other corgi pups I may get long in the future.

02/12/11  08:26pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2204573

 Where did your babies come from?

i feel bad i didn’t say a bit more about my BEST dog megan. the first pit puppy we got accidentilly hung himself on our dining room chair and died. i was of course devestated. so after that, we called the same breeder to see if and when he would have more puppies. he said he had another female pit that had just bred and we were welcomed to come to his house to look at her. so when we got to his house, there was a pretty white female pit that would most likely have a litter in about 63 days. however...there was megan, this cute sweet little thing running around everywhere.

he told us that he rescued her from someone that didn’t want her. then he gave her to a neighbor. she escaped from the neighbor’s yard and was skin and bones! so he took her back and decided to keep her. so we went home and were going to patiently await the arrival of this other female’s puppies. but the next day the breeder called me and said he just got news that he had to move. the new rental house he was moving to only allowed "x" amount of dogs and he had one too many. he wanted to know if we wanted megan. i didn’t even give it a second thought...i called my husband and said i’m going to pick her up! when i picked her up, she was nasty covered in mud, in heat, and immediately jumps on my couch! so i cleaned her up, she had heartworms and i had that fixed, and had her spayed, and had surgery on her luxated patella, now she’s as good as new!

02/13/11  12:01am


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2204616

 Where did your babies come from?

Sorry to hear about the puppy!!!! I don’t know what I would have done if I seen that!

Bless Megan love the fact you put "as good as new" plus she jumped on the sofa lol mud and blood to clear up how fun haha :D if I was to ever get another companion pet I doubt it would be a girl, I just hate seasons! So messy especially Milla she had to shake, sneeze and smear herself against EVERYTHING we ended up calling it the 3 s’s lol but I have never known a female to be like Milla she had to leave a trail so you knew where she was! And Evan when I bought her doggy frill panties she STILL managed to leave marks without moving nor leaking through her pants! Just amazing lol

02/13/11  05:56pm

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