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 I have to complain!

I have to let out some steam with knowledgeable dog friends!

Having just gotten back in with Milla from visiting Thor then going for a walk through the woods, valley then home we stumbled across this "nice" lady and "highly intelligent" lady with her Dalmatian dog. She
Commented on Milla’s coat, athleticness, body and muscle tone etc. and ask what she was fed on, I just said various raw ground meats, liver, heart, fish along with eggs. The face she pulled was a picture!. She said her Dalmatian just ate Frolic tin meat and Frolic kibble (1% better than grocery store brand dog food) and said her diet was healthier than mine!. The Dalamatian was rather obese not hugely but still very wide, dull coat, a slight smell and could no where keep up with Milla at all!!.

She starts "educating" me on how her dogs diet is more nutritious than my dogs and how raw meat alone doesn’t give dogs everything they need and that the dog food manufacture’s do all that for us, and feeding my dog raw meat will make her aggressive and give her food poisoning.
By this time she really had boiled my blood so I called Milla over clipped her leash on and before walking off told her raw meat doesn’t make dogs aggressive, she won’t get poison as they have stronger stomach acid than us to fight off parasite and shorter digestive tract therefore bacteria won’t have time to harbour and breed and if she thinks her Dalmatians diet is so f-ing fantastic look at my dogs and wrote down my address, then casually walked off.

I have nothing against people feeding what they want to there dogs weather it is store brand, Pedigree, Science diet, Barf or raw. I don’t push my beliefs and expect others not to but to educate me on food when each of our dogs appearance clearly showed who’s was better health, it just infuriated me.
Plus where on earth do you get "raw meat makes a dog aggressive"??? Its the most crackers thing I have heard since "not letting a female dog have at least one litter makes them aggressive late in life", where do people hear those things??

Anyway rant over lol thank you for reading :)

02/10/11  12:38pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2204136

 I have to complain!

i can’t stand people like that. i am sooo picky about what my dogs eat it’s not even funny! my dog megan i just had allergy tested and there is not ONE dog food out there that has full ingredients that she’s not allergic to. my main problem is she’s allergic to potatoes and to rice...the two main carbs in dog foods. so after speaking with the vet and about to pull my hair out...we decided to switch to buttmunch van patten’s natural balance lamb meal and rice. had to pick the lesser of the two evils because he even said he’s never seen a dog THAT allergic to potatoes. it’s done wonders for all my dogs. i had them solid gold before this food but she’s allergic to barley and flaxseed.

so trust me, if i could afford it, all of my dogs would be getting home made meals...and if i just had her that’s probably what i would be doing. she was about to chew her back legs off and this food has been amazing, all the chewing stopped completely. but i say if you have the money, time, and knowledge to feed your dog a raw diet, then go for it!

my vet would say her dog is fat because of the poor quality food. one of two things happen with poor quality food; either the dog is overweight because they feel the need to eat more because they aren’t getting the right nutrients, or they are too thin...because it doesn’t have what they need in it. these foods with so called "high protein" is just plant protein that dogs can’t really digest and you in turn get huge elephant piles out in the yard because it passes right through them. i say good for you for feeding your dog what’s best. i actually had my aunt argue me down that her dog’s cheap food was just fine because they were all "fat and healthy"! ha! when do we look at a human and say "fat is healthy?" i dont’ get it! i told her sure that dogs can live off of the cheap food, but i use this comparison; it’s like feeding your kid a balanced meal with meat carbs and veggies, versus just vienna sausages and ice cream.

i feel your frustration with ignorant people that think they know everything!

02/10/11  11:07pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2204247

 I have to complain!

I too am picky Milla is my child I baby and smother her like some people do to toy breeds, but she isn’t aggressive nor ill mannered/trained. I wouldn’t feed Milla any meat that I wouldn’t eat, the only meat Milla does not eat is beef as she has a gluten problem along with grain/wheat allergy but I don’t believe in wheat and grain being in a dog diet so that doesn’t bother me.
Like your Megan I know what you go through I used to feed Milla on biscuit as a pup she was always on the Royal Canin Bulldog variety, but with thy having grains, rice and wheat in Milla’s skin would rash up, fall out on the back of her legs, arm pits and under belly then her stomach wouldn’t digest it at all same as the James wellbeloved salmon
And potato allergy food. It must have been something in the biscuits as when she was operated on there was one or two meals worth of food that hadn’t digested they were still solid crunched up biscuits!! But being on raw I’ve never had the problem.

See my mum is the type of persona who thinks a fat dog is a healthier dog!! She thinks I starve Milla as she is the traditional style APBT so tall and lean a very Greyhound body shape. But as many people know due to the BYBs and status symbol people everyone knows the APBT to be short, stocky and wide, therefore she believe’s Milla is starved. Where as the family dog Cassie (chocolate Labrador) is chronically obese it’s not Evan funny it’s shockingly scary! Cassie doesn’t he a walk not Evan a 5min one she gets fed one meal a day which you know the body stores up fat from shuting down, pig ear and few random treats here and there and on top of that has had very bad hip dysphasia since she was a tiny pup, but they think not walking her helps her HD try ignore the vet when they say she needs to loose weight and her excess weight makes her HD worse, but no my parents know better than vets!!
Evan more shockingly October of last year I was around visiting and we were watching the news on all these Greyhounds being slaughtered to death or beat and cut up then left on the streets to suffer and due to them being so weak they either bled to death or starved, well I commented on how I thin they are beautiful dogs my mum just said "oh no, they are too thin it’s disgusting if I had one I would fatten it up!" no matter how much I tried to tell her they are a racing dog therefore there supposed to be that size and how they are pacifically bred to be like that for thousands of years there bodies cannot hold much more weight and that Evan teaching the to sit is dangerous on there hind legs and spine and shouldn’t be taught to them. I just got a shut up and what on earth do you know, what do I know? They are one of my favourite breeds, I work with dogs for a living, I studied vet nursing and I actually care about dogs wellfare and health. Now tell me what do you know?. But that’s my family lol!!

At the end of the day we all will have at least one ignorant person in our family and bump into many in our daily lives and tell us what are dogs should or should not eat, what breeds are born aggressive and what breeds are not despite people with common sense know none are born evil. But hey this is life!!

02/11/11  05:03am


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2204283

 I have to complain!

Yes, I too am very picky with what I feed my dogs. Just recently Ava & Capone went to the vet to get their vaccines- Once Ava was all done getting shots the vet assistant offered her a Beggin’ Strip dog treat- She didn’t eat it because she was somewhat stressed from being restrained and poked with needles so I said "Oh thats okay I will give it to her later". And I threw it away! lol. Last Christmas my Dad got my dogs presents- one of which was some dog treats, he thought I was crazy going over the ingredients seeing what was in them. They weren’t too bad so they got them. I also feed Slash and Ava a grain-free food. The puppy gets wellness for puppy which is not grain-free it contains oatmeal and sweet potatoes as the carb. I was going to go for a grain-free food for him but after doing some research most of the grain-free foods have a high calcium content which is not good for growing pups. The only grain free- lower calcium food that I could find was Canidae all life stages. But the pup seems to be doing good on Wellness and will be switched over to grain free when hes older.

It also bugs me when people who really know nothing about dogs food and nutrition tries to tell me what to feed my dogs. When my boxer was a pup she was a gassy girl, but boxers are gassy dogs! One of my family members tried telling me that if I fed her Purina that she wouldn’t be gassy- no thanks and shut up!

Also I have a family member- one of my cousins, who think I’m a terrible owner because I crate my dogs. Words cannot describe how angry this gets me. Yes I crate my dogs when I’m not home. They usually are in there for maybe 2 hours a day if that. While they are in there they get a stuffed kong or a raw bone or something like that. There is NOTHING wrong with crating your dog. Its for their own good- They cant get into things, or if I was to leave and 4 dogs all "bully breeds" were to get into a fight- they could do some major damage to one another. All of the dogs got into a fight a few months ago over something Slash picked out of the trash- it was NOT pretty and if I was not home to break it up one of them would have gotten killed. Plus little Capone is being housetrained and I cannot have him peeing all over the house and chewing up wires while I’m not home. No matter how much I explain these things to my cousin she still thinks I’m a bad owner- and I know that I’m not. My dogs are my life!

Ahh anyway is good to get your frustrations out on people who agree with you! lol I’m done ranting now.


02/11/11  09:51am


Rae rae
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  Message To: Brandy734   In reference to Message Id: 2204301

 I have to complain!

omg! my mom’s dog was soooooo fat! i am talking severely obese. he was 85lbs...just kind of a big mutt. now with being a vet tech i see time and time again sooo many dogs die from heart failure. heart failure is the main killer for older dogs...kind of just a natural part of life. however, a dog will go into heart failure a LOT sooner being that overweight. their heart can’t take it. and also like you said comes hip problems and other joint problems. my vet says when a dog gets that fat you can exercise them all you want, but until you actually cut their calories back it will do no good.

i always tell people to compare their dog to a wolf, not a person. people need to eat 3 meals a day and snacks in between. a dog is more like a wolf. wolves in the wild eat like once or twice a week. they actually here started feeding the wolves in the zoos only 4 days a week, and they are healthier and living longer. a dog’s makeup is very different from ours. a healthy dog can go a week without eating and actually be just fine. of course i’m not recommending not feeding your dog for a week lol! one girl i work with actually feeds her american bulldog every 2 days...and he is a perfect weight and perfect health and under vet supervision.

my advice to you about your mom’s dog; this is what i did with my mom’s dog; the vet kept telling me that her dog is large and getting very old and that is a mixture for disaster if he doesn’t lose weight. i told him this, "you have to tell me something i can tell my mom to make her quit feeding this dog so much!" he said, "tell your mom for every pound the dog loses is another month added onto his life." after telling my mom that, she listened! the dog has lost over 20lbs! and will be 15 years old this year...setting records for dogs his size! he definitely would NOT be alive if he had not lost the weight. and his heart is still good!

and...about the crate thing...i feel ya! my dad tries getting onto me for crating my dogs! i only have 1 out of 4 that could be trusted outside of her crate (megan) and i still don’t risk it. when my husband and i first began living together we bought our first child...a pit bull puppy named mo. he was my baby. didn’t put him in a crate when we left the house. we came back one night to find that he got his head stuck in one of our dining room chairs and hung himself! i was devestated! i cried and cried. never again have i left a dog loose in my house unattended. they can eat something that can kill them, not to mention tear up furniture, etc. it’s much easier and safer to crate them.’s the BEST and fastest way of house training also. my dogs like their crates. they each have their own food and water bowls and blankets. sometimes when they get tired they will lay down in their crate on their own. it’s a place of thier own and they enjoy it. it’s a safe spot for them. it’s a win win situation. crating saves your dog and saves your house! lol!

02/11/11  10:20pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2204454

 I have to complain!

Brandy, your a VERY VERY VERY BERY bad owner for crating your doggies!! Lol just joking! Crating is not an issue in my eyes HOWEVER when It comes to my mums brother (my uncle Paul) it is he has two dogs a Jack Russell Terrier named Tia and a Dobermann named Lennox. Tia is in a small sized crate 24/7 never out unless it’s for a toilet in backyard then back in again and Lennox (who I’m thinking of stealing) is locked in the bathroom - it’s not exactly a big bathroom he’s quite cramped in it, if someone needs the toilet someone holds Lennox then when there finished he’s locked back in it. They complain the Lennox destroys everything in site, hyper and is aggressive! Yes he does destroy and yes he is aggressive, he destroys as he isn’t out the bathroom and like Tia never on a walk and yes he is aggressive and bites my uncle as my uncle beats him and yes he is hyper/ill trained as he is never walked and has never been given obidience school, he is now 4 or 5years and I only knew about him last month when I visited my uncle asked me if I wanted to take him I said I would but I’m looking for a new home at the moment so when I find my feet again I most likely will, but then mum filled me in on the horrors on the journey home, she says it’s not a good idea for me to take him but then it would be good for Lennox as he would be in a knowledgeable home and would be likes different dog.

Rae, tellingly parents Cassie is morbidly overweight isn’t a factor no more I have said to them in a polite way and angry way they just DO NOT care and I mean DO NOT care!! They will not take Cassie to the vet as in there own words "I am sick and tired of being told to make her loose weight, she is our dog not there’s!" Cassie only goes to the vet for her annual boost inoculation despite when they get her Meatacam 30 prescription for her hips she is meant to have a check over they just don’t take her!! But yet my mum said when Cassie goes she is getting a Westie dog!! You don’t understand how much that boils me Cassie is 5 or 6 this year but you will be lucky if she gets pass 8!! We seen a healthy Labrador a few months back and mum commented on how underweight it was OMG I was gonna scream!!

Some people just don’t seem to understand a single f-ing thing! A fat dog is not healthy I would honestly say that I would starve my dogs and walk around with a bag of bones than a morbidly obese dog, not that I would as I’m not that type of person but as discusting as both body images are I would prefere to see a underweight dog pass me in the street than a obese dog!

02/12/11  05:55am


Rae rae
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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2204486

 I have to complain!

i completely agree! and i understand about your parents. we do get some clients in like that. once you tell them what the consequences are, and they still don’t seem to care, there’s nothing more you can do. my great-grandmother is the same way as well. she’s just had a chihuahua die from heart failure who was very overweight. and she just had to take her dachshund to the vet for a bad back...and she’s obese. so i understand that there’s just some family you can’t change.

i am SOOO PICKY not only about the type of food my dogs eat but the amount of food they eat as well. i mean i have it down to an art. each chihuahua gets 3/4 of a cup once a day. megan gets 2 cups once a day. and droopy was getting 4 cups a day. the last time i took him in to the vet (in december) i asked if he was too thin...cuz he was on the thinner side to me, and i was told he was a bit on the thin side. so i have increased his food to 5 cups a day, and he’s PERFECT now!

one thing i will admit i’ve been working my cat lol! she’s a little overweight, and i’ve made her lose weight...a good bit. she was overweight when we got her. my vet told me it’s not as big of a deal when a cat is overweight as when a dog is. he seems to be ok now with her weight so i’m ok. she gets 3/4 cup a day also.

it’s easier to make a dog gain weight than lose weight in my opinion.

02/13/11  12:14am


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2204618

 I have to complain!

There will ALWAYS be people in the world that think they no better that a vet or another dog owner, no one will ever win! Unless a law Is placed that dogs not a a perfect weight then the owners aren’t allowed pets. As at the end of the day obesity is still abuse, just because you aren’t punching or kicking the dog doesn’t mean you are abusing it. My parents as stated don’t walk there dog, play with her let alone feed her a decent brand (they feed Bakers) but it’s still abuse/neglect to me!

I won’t give mine any meat I wouldn’t eat myself! I don’t buy them store brand meat as I wouldn’t eat it, I give them fresh fish from the fishermen as that’s what I want to eat myself, organs and most ground meat is either fresh from neighbouring farmers or fresh from local butcher as I want the best for me so best or them and there eggs are from the farmers next to me (5min walk away) along with there goat milk, I get the eggs and milk every morning at 9am and is prepared fresh from them all at 10am!
What I wouldn’t put in my stomah I don’t expect to go into there’s lol many call me stupid for this and say the meat is cheaper from supermarkets but it maybe but it by far does not taste half as good!!
Milla is a funny dog to feed if she is fed too little she looses weight very quick, and if she is fed to much she swells up (but doesn’t gain weight) she doesn’t get bloat as I don’t exercise her 2 hours before and 2 hours after a meal and she can’t eat quick as she has meat on bones - goat/lamb legs, chicken/pheasant/quail/lemming thighs/carcass/wings but it is still trying to find what makes her ok for example you could feed her 4 medium chicken wings in a day and she could swell up until she has a poo but if you feed her 3 she looks all skin and bones?! Don’t know if it’s her thyroid or has a stomach issue like with the dog kibble?

Cats are a nightmare too loose weight! I have never owned one but my parents always have and so have friends and I have never really known a cat at ideal weight! I think it’s because they are just SO darn lazy, but I wouldn’t worry aslong as it’s just a couple of pounds and not anything huge.

02/13/11  05:50pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2204737

 I have to complain!

i actually agree with the theory that cats are just lazy! i technically have 2 cats. there’s one that lives with us who is an inside cat, fat and sassy. her nickname is witch (change the w to b!). and shes the one who’s horrible to lose weight. i have another cat, tango who is about 12 years old. he lives at my parents house. i’ve had him for years now, and tried moving him with me when i moved but it just didn’t work out. he’s an outside cat at my parents. he stays at a PERFECT weight all the time. for his entire life he has been at a perfect life...and he mainly free feeds. my mom feeds him way more than my cat at my house eats. it’s because he actually gets around...and the neighbor’s cat plays with him a lot as well.

and you know funny thing just happened...i had one of my friends over last week, who began crying about her dachshund! who, go figure has a back problem...and is...can you guess...OVERWEIGHT! i tried telling her that at this point losing weight is almost a better medicine than the pills she’s supposed to give. and i didn’t make that up either...that’s what my vet says lol! oh well, you can’t win them all!

02/16/11  10:53pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 2205379

 I have to complain!

Cats are definetly the most laziest things on the planet! I like your theory on outdoor and Indoor cats it’s is true, growing up we had 2 grey moggys brother and sister - Smokey and Bandit, both outdoor cats and very fit Bandit was abit rounder than his sister properly as he ate all the nice in the woods and Smokey would bring the mice, rabbits and lemmings to the house for us to "share" bless :) both of them died to illness I was young with Bandit so I can’t remember but Smokey got bowel cancer and suffered badly she would live in a corner and never came out so we put her toilet box, food bowls and her favourite toys but she neve bothered with any of them so we put her to sleep.
Now my parents have indoor cats as they have 2 smoke and torte Persian - Kizmit aka Kizzy and Kymberly and a black British shorthair - Daisy. Kizzy isn’t that big, Kymberly looks big as she has super long fur and very poofy and Daisy well she is quite big but nothing shocking. My parents have always free fed biscuits, I don’t believe in free feeding animals they all have set meal times - Evan my Chinchilla did when she was alive!
Daisy is always told to loose a few pounds but unlike Cassie (the seriously obese Lab) all Daisy does is sleep!! I am not joking she sleeps for 23 as a half hours! The half hour she is awake she has a quick drink, some biscuits and find a sunny spot or a compfy place to sleep! That’s Daisys routine lol

You won’t change some people they whine, moan and complain about a dogs health outcome and they don’t want to do anything about it! I have had people say to me a slightly tubby or overly tubby dog is a loved dog! HOW?!?! I think a healthy dog is a loved dog as the person is taking pride in how there dog looks not giving it titbits, walking it next to none, crap food just to exacerbate the dogs problem! I don’t believe a dog to have tit bits Milla is told to get her head down when I or someone else eats it can be some small like a apple or a large like a meal she will never get a bit and she knows if something goes in her bowl that’s for her but will only eat if you tell her to get it!

Your friend really needs to get her head screwed back on like my parents! People just shock and annoy me on these matters! It’s like me, my parents and my little sister will be in Florida for a month in May, Cassie will get back to prime health in the time we are away but when we come back there will be "my dogs skinny" and she will be fat working the next 3 or 4 days top!! I am not joking either 3 or 4 days it takes them to make a dog criminally obese! My parents shouldn’t have dogs end of especially since they are cat people a dogs just there for the sake of having a dog!

I hope your friend sorts her Dachsund out soon! Poor little guy :(

02/17/11  05:59am


Rae rae
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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2205419

 I have to complain!

i am a huge believer in dogs do not eat from the table. as a matter of fact mine NEVER EVER get any people food at all. droopy has a sensitive stomach and it will give him diarrhea. megan is allergic to everything, and the chihuahuas are so small the vet says even a biteful can mess them up. it’s just not worth it. i can literally have a plate of food in my lap, my chihuahua laying on me by my side, and they will not even look at my plate of food. now dogs are opportunists obviously and if i left them unattended with a plate in their face i’m sure they would eat it. but with me sitting there they NEVER attempt to get any food from me. and that’s the way i like it. i hate it when i’m at someone else’s house and i can’t hardly eat because their dog is in my face trying to snatch food from my plate.

what’s funny is my cat is picky. she won’t eat anything but dry food. she won’t eat any kind of wet food, or even a treat. she will let it rot in the bowl and never touch it. she will only eat dry food. oh well, she’s a cheaper pet lol! so i don’t even have to worry about her getting into food like some people do their cats because she doesn’t like it. i guess i have it pretty good with my animals haha!

and i definitely agree with you on the scheduled feeding times. i know it sounds weird but all of my animals eat around midnight...when my husband gets home. not that he’s the only one that feeds them but that’s bedtime and that’s their mealtime. there’s no exercising after a meal, so no bloat. when it starts to get late, my dogs know they go out to potty one last time, and when i open the door to let them back in, it’s like a race to see who can get in their crate the fastest lol. they each have their own crate and own bowls. so they run and patiently wait to be fed. everyone’s food is measured out and fed appropriately. the cat knows its feeding time as well, and she begins running around and meowing ready for hers. my fish get fed (but they don’t know what time of day it is lol). if it’s a day my geckos eat then that’s when they get fed since they’re nocturnal anyway, and my mice get their water checked and stocked back up with food. so i COMPLETELY understand scheduled feedings. it makes life easier that way.

02/19/11  12:14am

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