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 Preventing my dog from jumping the fence

I was walking my dog Jackson yesterday who is now a year old. He’s acting like your adverage bull breed toward other dogs. Yesterday i saw a husky standing on the rock wall. At that point i knew it was going to be a bad situation, when the husky jumped down and started trotting toward me and my dog. I couldnt shoo the husky away when he was about 6 sidewalk blocks away from my and jackson. My dog is a little DA. When the husky wasnt turning around i turned me and my dog around and started walking the other way to protect my dog and also the neighbors dog. The husky started running toward me and bit my dog in the face, than it just got bad as the dogs got into a scuffle, and jackson wouldnt let go until i pulled him off while he tried to regrip on the other dog. Lucky my dog wasnt hurt, but i wasnt able to inspect the husky the neighbor threw it back into the yard when jackson let go.

Question: how do i prevent my dog from jumping the wall, he never showed any interest but that would be hell if he got loose. it would cause hell in my neighborhood and he’ll get taken away. Have any of you all had experience with a dog run?

and another question, how do i prevent this to happen again? it makes my dog’s breed look bad, and me as a bad owner having two dogs brawl. What do you do with an approaching dog, and how do you shoo it away.

oh and Ghastly, how is your dog mila is it? i think mine and yours are the same age


02/07/11  01:06am


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 Preventing my dog from jumping the fence

Sorry to hear this happens to the handsome chap! Over here we can get blunt rivets they look like a single row of spikes that go on a wall but they are blunt, and don’t harm the animal Evan cats when they jump up it just throughs them off balance. Another thing could be a long line training leash tied to a tree you get them in 10ft and 15ft in length if you do use one make sure he has plenty of room to ponder round his yard in. That’s all I can think of at the moment.

Kennel wise I don’t find them bad things aslong as the kennel is well kept and decent size! The Dobermanns and Zaches hunting Bullmastiffs (along with my Thor and Zena when she was alive) stayed in them. For both breeds the kennel itself was 10’ x 10’sq. and made from solid wood then the runs which the dogs could go into freely were of 15’ x 20’. But aslong as Jackson could have a bed compartment to get away from elements along with a run/play area he can access through a door, if you do go that option and you have him in the kennel house when you are at work transparent rubber flaps (like the type you get in walk in meat freezers) if you attach them to the door and so if it rains they keep heat in and wind and rain out and you wouldn’t need to worry about shutting the door.

Hopefully someone else can give you better pointers.

Milla is keeping well :) she will be two on June 29th can’t believe it then 8weeks after that I would have owned her for a year!!!! How time flies by!! She is starting her citizen class on the 26th this month it’s just her bronze class but I can’t wait then when she passes that she will do her silver and gold classes :)

How has Jackson been apart from his adventure you posted about?

02/08/11  03:50pm

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