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 So who had to dig for their dog?

My pics are stuck on a camera temporarily, but that blizzard was a blast! The area got about 16" of snow last night, and a few more inches this morning in light fluffy stuff. I even got to see snow lightning, which was awesome.

I took Yuki (the corgi) out at midnight last night to piss, and the winds were going so hard that the snow felt like sand hitting me. The dog wanted to go back inside immediately after I took him out there, and wee wee weed all the way home (so to speak).

Today the snow was higher than he was. He got to the end of the deck (after the deck was plowed) and when he realized that it was above his head, he looked back at me all pitifully. I told him to go and he squirrel-jumped/plowed into it. Then I helped him make a round path around a small tree, with a small part of the path jutting out for a latrine.

He thankfully is smart enough to know what my intention was with that extra jut.

I then went back around it with a shovel. =D I dug my dog a chasm.

I love this much snow! It means I can let the dog out without a leash - without having to fear him running off after something. Or, well, if he tries I’d be able to catch him quickly.

02/02/11  08:17pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2202906

 So who had to dig for their dog?

Oh I love snow stories!! Plus I’m jealous of you all with your snow and so much fun and here I am ill as I have ever been with gale winds, hail with rain and high tides outside . . . It’s not good :(

Does Yuki like the snow when it’s not taller than him?

02/03/11  03:57am


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2203014

 So who had to dig for their dog?

Yuki likes any snow. I drove through a blizzard to adopt him a long time ago (s’where he got his name). If the snow is half-decent and hard, I’ll take him to an empty lot and play fetch.

The prob was more obvious this morning. It’s 9 degrees F out with a - something windchill. He’s started doing the ’it’s too cold out’ paw dance. Lifts his front leg, puts on a pretend limp, or just lays down and refuses to get up. I bring him inside and he’s fine as day. So! I had to pull out the booties. Those things are a pain to get on the dog... At least he’s half-accepting of them and was able to pee this morning.

Here’s a pic of him yesterday:

And here’s a pic of me with him:

02/03/11  11:15am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2203056

 So who had to dig for their dog?

I LOVE that first picture! He’s so cute! We didn’t get any snow up here in northwestern Washington. I was very glad for that. I lived in western New York for 3 winters and had enough snow to last me a lifetime. The last 2 years I’ve lived here we’ve gotten record snowfall which isn’t much, but still too much for me. Please keep that stuff there. lol

02/06/11  07:24pm

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