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 Christmas pictures.

A few christmas pictures with our danes.

Apollo is on the left, 1 years old now. Hera on the far right, 4 just a few days ago

Hera with us alone.

Hera on the left, and Zues on the right, he’s 2 1/2 years old.

12/24/10  06:51pm


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  Message To: Sivester   In reference to Message Id: 2194293

 Christmas pictures.

Such lovely pictures hope the 5 of you had a good Xmas :)

01/06/11  01:01pm


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2196718

 Christmas pictures.

Wow, you have beautiful Danes. They look very strong and healthy!! Some day when I’m through college and have the security blanket of a comfortable savings account (I’m sure they eat a lot of course, and I’ve read that they are predisposed to many medical emergencies i.e. bloat), I would like to get myself a couple of Danes from the rescue a few hours away from us. Even if they are the sweetest dogs on Earth (which I’m hoping they’ll be, or close ), people will no doubt be intimidated by their size and power. I read in the newspaper just this morning that a 14 year old girl was followed home from school on Thursday in Chicago by a man and was rescued by a Dane.


Chicago - A man and his Great Dane came to the rescue of a Chicago girl who was being attacked, keeping the suspect cornered until police arrived.
Police say the 14-year-old girl noticed she was being followed by the suspect after she got off a city bus Thursday afternoon.
As she ran up the steps to her home, the man caught her, threw her to the ground and tried to pull off her clothing. Her screams attracted a neighbor, who with his Great Dane, chased and cornered the suspect in an alley.

"When Agustin Zamora Jr. saw a girl being attacked in the yard next to his Logan Square home, he quickly ran outside to help.
But not without first calling for Scooby, his 160-pound giant of a Great Dane, whose size is certain to give pause to the orneriest of criminals.
Zamora and Scooby chased the suspect down Whipple Avenue in Logan Square. Joined by two other men, they cornered the man in an alley at George Street.
As Scooby growled and barked menacingly, Zamora called police, who arrived to take the man into custody.
’He is a good dog,’ Zamora said Friday, a day after the dramatic events, as Scooby leaned against him. ’Everybody knows him.’"

Despite the disturbing nature of the attack, I am sure that girl is extremely grateful to that dog and his owner.
I know I would always feel protected with a Dane, not to mention that I’m a sucker for their goofy personalities (my friend has a 6 year old Harlequin Dane named Gracie, and she is a grade-A counter surfer and thinks she’s a lap dog.

The Hero (Scooby)

01/08/11  03:02pm


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  Message To: FutureVet123   In reference to Message Id: 2197102

 Christmas pictures.

That’s a nice story (the fact the dog rescued her not for the attack) I’m sure the girl is greatful to the man and Scooby for being in the right place at the right time :)

01/08/11  06:25pm


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2197135

 Christmas pictures.

They are very protective, over my wife and I. I have no problem leaving my wife home alone with our Danes home with her, they don’t let anyone near the house with out their presence being known.

03/24/11  06:20pm

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