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 My dog will not stop licking everything!!!

I rescued this female boxer about four months ago. She is my little princess but she has an issue. She is a huge licker...she licks anything and everything including the air for long periods of time. Her history is this....a lady breed her to young and due to that she almost died. She realized she couldnt breed her anymore so they threw her in the basement with little food and water or attention. A man found out and took her from them, he said she was skin and bones and no hair. He had her for a year and brought her back to health and then I adopted her...When I come home from work she licks the air and tries to lick me for about an hour....then she will lay next to me and if I talk sweet to her lick the sofa, pillow, my leg, the cat, my other boxer whatever she do I curb this behaviour? She licks my guests, my roomate I need this to stop!

12/22/10  08:20am


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  Message To: Vwvixen02   In reference to Message Id: 2193747

 My dog will not stop licking everything!!!

Provided it’s not some weird neurological thing (and it probably isn’t), it sounds a lot like anxiety. Anxious and bored dogs will lick everything. The worst kind of licking is paw licking, as the dog can obsessively lick their paws into oblivion.

There are a few steps you can take.

The easiest is to interact with the dog more, show it more situations (take it to the park, store, etc), give it more stimuli, take it for longer walks every day to twice a day, and if you don’t have the time surely your friends do. If the dog is bored, this will almost be an insta-cure. If the dog is anxious, it may take quite a bit of playing around before the dog feels comfortable about itself and the world. Keep in mind that if you’re worried/anxious/upset/irked/frustrated/etc, the dog will be able to read your emotions. If you’re in control, positive, and in the game, it will be better.

Second, correct the dog if it licks too much. I do this with my corgi if he gets bored enough to paw lick. Don’t say NO! or anything like that, just distract it. Randomly blurted sound effects (like ’eh’ or clicking your tongue) and taking a toy and/or squeaking it are good options. If the dog continues, continue to distract it. Repetition.

Keep the food bowl out of view when the dog isn’t being fed. This is just random. A hungry, obsessive dog will lick their lips if they’re in view of food or a food bowl and think they’re hungry 24/7. =P Probably not the reason, still worth a shot.

The other two options you have, should none of this work, is to consult a behaviorist and consider dog medication. The behaviorist will help you help the dog, and if they can’t will also point you to meds. Meds are given to extremely anxious and obsessive dogs to calm them down, make them feel better. Sometimes normal methods just don’t work. The meds, of course, are a last option. I hate them, myself. Something, though, it can’t be helped. The behaviorist is a professional that willl be able to assess the dog and help you more directly, so is a good option if nothing else is working for you.

12/22/10  10:54am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2193768

 My dog will not stop licking everything!!!

I heard that if a dog licks something a lot or non stop they are allergic to something but it could possibly be either that or anxiety .

12/24/10  05:03am

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