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 How to get my dog to use his bed?

My corgi has never had a dog bed. He’d sleep wherever he wanted on the floor or on the human bed. He’s now 8 and age is catching up to him, so I now strongly discourage human bed sleeping. For the holiday season I got him a dog bed. Even took him to the store and had him test out a few before he went into a specific pillowy one with sides and laid down in it without much pressure.

Took it home and put it in the family room temporarily to get scents on it. Put his fav toys in it, etc. He immediately went into it and went limp in ecstasy. Good stuff.

I went on to train him to go into the bed. Not hard as he’s already trained to do this stuff. Step up, sit, down, stay. Give baby carrot as reward. Very easy.

Moved it up to my mother’s bedroom (where the dog sleeps and where everyone is happy with it.) Put it in the corner out of the way, yet in full view of anyone who enters/exits the room, the den, and the hallway. Perfect spot.

Repeated steps. Got family scents all over it, put his toys in it. Told him to go into it and associated it with a word: bed. He got the message. Go here, lay down = makes Kelli happy.

The first night I put him in it, turned off the lights, went out, and went back in an hour or two later to see if he was still in it. He moved out of it a few times but by the third try stayed.

Day 2, I went in there a second time that night to put him back into the bed. The cat followed. The dog got rather upset, rushed the cat, then took over his bed and curled up in it. He stayed there the rest of the night. Cat didn’t care.

Day 4 I went in there and the cat took over the bed, leaving the dog to sleep on the outside of it. I switched places.

That leads to today. He’ll go into the bed and lay down just fine. Even stay for an hour or two during the night, then continues to get out and find a place on the floor to sleep. Doesn’t matter if I treat him or not, or pet him when he’s in the bed. Worst off, he’ll get out of the bed immediately after I leave the room. He’s all, "Good... She’s gone. Screw this, I’m going to sleep my own way."

I know it’ll take a week or more for him to get the general idea, but should I do more steps? Am I missing something?

Oh, and about the cat. The dog is best friends with the cat. They normally sleep together and are always seen hanging out during the day. Cat grooms dog, even. I would not be surprised, if the dog learns to sleep in the bed, that they’d eventually end up sleeping together. So kitty’s scent in the bed isn’t a big worry to me. The fact that she’s found the purpose of the bed before the dog is amusing.

12/20/10  02:31am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2193398

 How to get my dog to use his bed?

Just keep doing what you’re doing really. The only other suggestion I’d get is baby gate the dog out of the bedroom with just the bed to offer him comfort, but other than that ... the dog will either take to it or it won’t. The trick is making him think it’s the most comfortable place to be.

12/21/10  03:01pm

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