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 Happy Birthday, Keona!

Today is Keona’s first Birthday. She has turned into a very special and awesome dog since we brought her home at 8 weeks old. She got spayed at 5 months old, graduated basic obedience training at 6 months old, and came an AKC Canine Good Citizen at 8 months old. She is such a cuddly and loving dog that aims to please her humans. She’s very happy and beautiful, inside and out. Here’s some age progression pictures and some from today.
The day we met her

Her first day home

3 months old

4-6 months old

8-11 months old

I always get the dogs a stuffed animal to destroy on their BDays. Keona was very happy about this.

I also got her a new martingale collar from Collar Mania

She’s showing off her CGC tag in this picture

I’m getting ready to make her cake. I will post those pictures later.

11/24/10  08:33pm


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  Message To: Repfanaticlady29   In reference to Message Id: 2189407

 Happy Birthday, Keona!

What a great post! Happy Birthday Keona!

11/27/10  05:23pm

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