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 Housebreaking problems

Whenever i got my puppy at 8 weeks, she was great with going to the bathroom outside and would make the odd mistake indoors, now for the past couple of weeks she has suddenly stopped going outside and goes indoors, whenever i set outside nothing happens.
Please help

11/19/10  12:16pm


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 Housebreaking problems

Two things:

First, see a vet. Doggies can get a stomach/bladder ailment (I believe it’s a parasite) that effects their piss control. Young dogs, dogs under a year, can very easily get this. If the doggie is going everywhere and can’t hold it inside, the vet can help you determine if that’s the problem or not.

(and if someone knows the name of the bugger, tell me. I’m drawing a blank here.)

Second, invest in a crate. Crate training a young dog can go a long way to avoiding mishaps and miseries. If the dog pisses or craps inside the house, put it in the crate for 10 minutes, then bring it outside. Work on having a ’pee spot’ somewhere in your yard that the dog would always go at. There are pee sticks you can get at any pet supply store (big yellow stick) that you plug into the ground, which will promote a singular spot for urination and defecation.

Another thing about crate training. Obviously you want the dog to have some sort of good association with it. This can be done with giving the dog a treat every time it goes into the kennel and accompanying a positively-stated phrase with it ’puppy house’ ’go to bed’ ’go to your house’, etc. This will give the dog a safe zone, and you can lock the dog in there if you have to leave the house for any extended period of time. When you crate your dog for pissing on the carpet, it will associate peeing indoors to not being able to play with anyone for a few minutes - which is murder for a puppy.

And if you have a crate, then feel free to ignore the last paragraph.

I had to do the piss crate treatment to my corgi because he thought that crapping indoors meant that he got to go outside to have fun. You can see what frustration this was for me. Once the crate ’time out’ began, he quickly found that crapping indoors was no longer fun.

11/19/10  05:32pm

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