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 Rescued abandoned puppies

Well my friends dog had pups and then tried to kill them all she didn’t want to distress her dog n e more (she found the dog on the street already prego) but keeping her dog and the pups she abandoned wasn’t working out and she begged me to save the pups luckily my girl dog has been there adoptive mother cleaning them and keeping them safe n loved I took the pups into the vet when I very first got them n the vet said they were all healthy so far gave me a contact number told me if lots of info and said I could use and over the counter dewormer I use reptic zone for all my lizard info and advice and I have her recommendation but I was wondering if any of you breeders had anything specific you preferred before I just buy from what she has told me this would be very helpful the pups are 4 weeks old as soon as I can find my camera n time I will put pics up... working going to school and raising these pups has been hectic thank you all

11/09/10  01:00am

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