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 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

So I havn’t posted on this site in a while, but have been reading a lot on here for a bit now. What brings me back is a disagreement between my mom and I. I remember reading not too horribly long ago that the pit bull was NOT the number one dog for dog bite incidents, but instead it was something like a shepherd or a lab... I can’t remember exactly. I tried to do a quick search on google, but kept coming up with bias information. Does somebody have a website or the statistics of dog bites?

What brought this all on, was my little sister coming home today saying that her friend got a puppy that she is scared of. The reason for my sister being scared is because it is a pit bull and "they bite". I made sure to tell her that german shepherds, labs, golden retrievers, chihuahuas, ect... all are capable of biting as well. Then my mom chimed in with, "Though they are capable of biting, the pit bull has the highest number of bites." And then the defending began and I feel like it is a downhill battle.

I try to make everyone who will listen to me understand that pits are generally good dogs, it is bad owners that create the "bad pitts". I just never knew that my mom and sister were part of the uneducated bunch that don’t realize that pit bulls are just like any other dog, only misunderstood. Sorry for writing so much, I am just a bit taken aback about people in my own family thinking they are bad dogs. Thank you to all who help. Can you maybe even post pictures of your pit bulls (or pit mixes) doing something goofy or cute with another animal/person for me to show my sister. Thanks again!

10/19/10  12:09am


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  Message To: Devilsangel69   In reference to Message Id: 2181946

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

I have read and heard numerous amounts of times that the Labrador is the breed most associated with fatal and non fatal dog bites and attacks. I own a APBT and have only just recently realised my parents are part of the uneducated bunch despite when I got her at 8week old and forever complaining to them over the phone about the stig I would receive they always told me "it’s all in how you raise them" to which I knew (same for any breed) just seems that lately on the past month I have really noticed they are awfully hypocritical of them!!

In my eyes a dogs just a bloody dog regardless of it’s shape, size and breed they all share everything else in common. Just takes a couple of buttholes to ruin it for everyone not just in the animal world.

Here’s my APBT Milla (pronounced as Me-laa) she is my world best thing about her she is a traditional styled APBT so is long, leggy and dainty featured a right sporting dog not one of these awful out of proportion ones the BYBs are breeding these days! She is currently 18" to the shoulder and weights a healthy 18.8, am looking into training her into the lire racing and A-frame sports in January since she loves to play fetch hens the reason for lure racing and loves to jump (on command for safety of course) so that’s my reason for the A-frame work, you could’t meet a happier dog! Will try and post pics later with her and other pets/animals also with her Tongue sticking out which happens on a regular basis :)

10/19/10  12:33am


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2181947

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

Thank you Ghastly, and Milla is beautiful. I have been a floater on these forums and always enjoy seeing pictures of her. I completely agree with you that a dog is just a dog. I personally love pits, I have yet to meet a mean/agressive one (though I know they exist, the same as any other breed).

I actually used to have roomates who had a pit. She had a few scars on her from her and her brother playing too rough, which would lead people to believe that she was used for fighting or something. Well she got into my bedroom and my cat beat her up. Her face got scratched really bad and all she did was hide under my bed until I got upstairs to save her. She never held anything against my cat, just stayed out of his way after that. Now that is saying something for any dog, I have known other breeds to hold a grudge.

10/19/10  05:45pm


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  Message To: Devilsangel69   In reference to Message Id: 2182062

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

I could not agree more with allof you. I find that if it is called racism to judge a human by the color of their skin how come it is not frowned upon to do the same to dogs. They are getting judged for their breed history not facts, but actions of dogs that were wrongly treated by you guessed it humans. All dogs are dogs, they are all able to be "killers" or "mean" dogs no matter their size or breed its all about the way they are treated and raised. Yes some have it in their blood but that does not make them killers, i have royal blood in me does that make me the queen of england? Blood does not determine their behavior...anyways its late...well early good night everyone wish you all and your pets the best,

10/21/10  07:56am


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  Message To: Keirax   In reference to Message Id: 2182457

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

I agree with Keira we cannot judge people by there ethnical background as we are labelled as racist and causes a large dispute same for religious backgrounds I myself am a Jew I have had a lot of hassle due to that when I was 17 I wanted to become Jewish not just by people I knew but by certain family members also because my family isn’t a religious one some of them weren’t happy on the idea didn’t bother me as my parents were supportive and I have had to put up with the anti semitism that surrounds the Jewish religion. But why judge animals when we ourselves do not like to judge or be judged? The way I was always taught was if you can’t take it don’t dish it out, treat others how you want to be treated and if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it! I think those three things apply to everyone and everything

10/21/10  09:17am


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2182468

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

pretty sure its jack russells and labs that bite most people in this country, yet over here its the rottie being demonised just now. the uk seems to go through phases of demonising breeds, pitbulls, gsd’s, dobermanns and now rotties x

10/29/10  07:50am


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  Message To: Inuit   In reference to Message Id: 2184349

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

I think if it’s a dog attack than it should just be called that, instead of blaming any certain breed.

They’re all dogs and they all have the potential to bite, I’m not going to be like the people who demonize pitbulls and rotties etc and start doing the same to other breeds.

10/29/10  02:18pm


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  Message To: Saucier   In reference to Message Id: 2184410

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

I agree, all dogs have it in them to attack and do majior harm. Wether it be a "pitbull" or a small breed. All dogs come from some sort of wild background and no matter how tame you think they are they will always have some wild blood in them that may or may not come out at any given time. They need to be respected and remembered as pets and not family members, do not get me wrong I love my dog but he is just that I do not carry him around in his own car dressed in clothes more expensive than my own. Dogs are animals and all animals can bite not just one breed or species. :D

10/31/10  03:46pm


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  Message To: Keirax   In reference to Message Id: 2184909

 Top 10 List of Dog Bites

The more popular a dog is, the more likely it has a high bite report ratio. Why? Because there are more of them.

Most bite statistics you recieve is inaccurate. Why? Because people rarely report little dogs due to the fact they rarely do as substantial damage as large dogs.

But, from my own experience, opinions and research, this is what I believe a top ten list would look like in the U.S. in no particular order for how often bites from these animals would be reported if EVERY SINGLE ONE was reported. However, it is important to understand that this is all subjective and many of these animals score high on national temperment tests. All of these dogs can be great breeds, but socialization and other various factors all contribute to dogs biting. Any dog, any age, any breed can and will bite if placed in under the right circumstances.

Yorkies - Yorkies are very territorial and possessive animals. They are known to attack things much larger than themselves with little regard for their own well being. They can also become very nervous dogs when not trained properly and that often leads to fear biting.

Pomeranians - This is a difficult call because all "Spitz" type dogs are very tenacious and very protective of their owners and territories. Due to their breeding, they often bite before warning when provoked. However, Pomeranians are owned more than any other "Spitz" dog and that is why I chose them.

Dalmations - "101 Dalmations" misled many people into thinking these dogs are very easy to care for. They are not. The high strung nature of the Dalmation, along with massive inbreeding problems, have contributed to this breed being responsible for countless bites over the years. They are animals that are meant to work and when left to their own boredom become destructive and anxious.

Labrador Retrievers - Probably THE most popular dog in the United States, people take for granted the nature of the Labrador. They are work animals and have a high drive to please. A mistrained or mishandled Labrador can produce an overly hyper, nuerotic animal that is anxious and unpredictable. From what I gather, most bites by Labradors are actually mouthing behaviors that went too far, or the dog not understanding not everything that moves is a play thing. Labradors are not known for aggression, but boredom creates very disturbing behavior in dogs.

German Shepherds - My favorite dog and easily in the top five of most popular dog in the United States, much of the "natural" aggression of this guardian breed has been bred out of the Americanized version. However, these dogs, but their own biology, are biters. If not properly socialized as a puppy and not shown the difference between threatening humans and friendly ones, German Shepherds can be very quick to bite and due to their "scizzoring" jaw motion, their bites are often incredibly devastating. German Shepherds are very protective of their owners and territories and rarely hesitate to bite when they feel either is threatened, whether it be by another animal or a human.

Doberman Pinschers - Bred specifically to protect, these animals have the instinctive urge to defend their territory and owners. Doberman’s are alert, intelligent and sharp minded animals that learn quickly, but can also get bored very easily. These dogs often bite because they are owned by people who are not stimulating them mentally by treating them as a "working" dog. They also will ask no questions when an intruder enters their territory which almost always results in an injury. Doberman’s are rapid biters, they can bite an excessive amount in minimal time and this causes devastating damage.

Chihuahuas - Though few people believe it, Chihuahuas were original bred to hunt in packs akin to African Wild Dogs. These dogs are fearless, ferocious and persistent. Like most dogs, they are very protective of their owners and territories and have no issue showing this. However, Chihuahuas typically only bite ones before backing away to assess the situation once more (in a pack setting, another dog would slide in to bite, followed by another and another and so on). Therefore, I believe this is why these bites are rarely reported. People think they are being nervous tiny dogs with Napolean Complexes, but that is because theey ignore the reasons behind their breeding.

Dachshunds - This is a dog that was bred to kill Badgers ... the cousin of the WOLVERINE, you know, that giant weasle that takes on Grizzly Bears for food ... do I really need to elaborate on this one?

Alaskan Malamutes - Malamutes do not have as strong a tie to wolves as people believe, but they are very powerful, very dominant, very strong willed animals. Bred to survive the harshest climates, both in temperature and in wildlife, these dogs are fearless and are fiercely dedicated to whoever the designate as "Alpha". The Malamute will not hesistate to defend its owner, but that is not when this dog is most problematic. The Malamute most becomes likely to bite when it has no alpha and, therefore, takes on the role itself. Most people are bitten by these animals because their owners have failed to establish the proper rank in their home and the animal does as it wishes when it wishes.

Chow Chows - Aside from being an Asiatic Dog, meaning bred for protection and fighting, I am not honestly sure what causes the drive behind the Chow to bite, but make no mistake, these dogs bite and they do so often.

American Cocker Spaniels - If you do enough research, you can find this ... More Cocker Spaniels bite people than any other dog on this list or any other dog not on this list in the United States. Spaniels are high strung dogs that NEED to be entertained with work or they become destructive. They are notorious for being resource and food guarders. Cocker Spaniels are very easy to not socialize properly because people assume that their size is not an issue and that they have naturally good temperments without much work like the Springer Spaniel, but this is not true.

Again, the descriptions above are based on my own opinions, encounters and research done over the years. If you do not agree with me, that is fine, but I think most bite statistics you will find in the U.S. are wrong or skewed due to lack of reporting. If a Chihuahua causes a sprain in a kids wrist and down the street a ABPT breaks a kids arm, guess which one you will hear about?

10/31/10  10:44pm

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