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 So What Is Your Favorite Dog Toy?

Title says it all!

No, I don’t want to know what dog toys are dangerous

Nope! Don’t care about what are best for all dogs.

Try again! Expense doesn’t matter to this thread!

Tell me what toy your dog loves the most. Post links to said toy (or google images thereof) and tell stories. Your dog’s first time with this toy. How this toy works for your dog while the others didn’t. Second or third favorite toys? How long has this toy been alive, or have you gotten toy replacements? What kind of dog do you have to which this toy belongs? Any pictures of your dog with the toy? Fetch! WOO! Stuff like that.

My dog, corgi, has many toys. His favorite amongst them all is called Squeaky Squirrel (dubbed name for toy, not actual toy brand).

I don’t know if that’s the actual brand or type, but it looks a lot like that design. I got it from Walgreens for 2 dollars.

What I like about Squeaky Squirrel is that I can stitch it up much easier than Yuki’s other toys. And I’ve given plenty of Squirrel Toy surgeries to replace the squeaker, while my dog watches like I’m doing actual surgery. Freaking hilarious look.

So far I’ve been through 3 squirrel toys. He can’t seem to tell the difference from new to old, but I make it a habit to replace them once the stuffed animal starts to take on the look of a horror movie victim - more stitches than fur.

I recently, as in today, got him one of those stuffingless animal toys. He’s still having New Toy syndrome, which he carries it around the house. But half the time he’ll pick up SqueakySquirrel and give it to me instead of his new toy. We’ll see how that works! =D

This is his latest toy.

Got it at Meijer, but I’ve seen it everywhere.

10/10/10  01:01am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2180039

 So What Is Your Favorite Dog Toy?

My rottweiler Slash’s ultimate favorite toy is

Its a squeeky toy that I get from Petsmart for about $5. The boy drives me absolutely nuts with it because once he gets a hold of it he don’t stop squeeking it! He throws it up in the air, rolls on it, does what I call a "body slam" on it too. Slash only gets this toy on special occasions since he never stops squeeking it! These last him a bit longer because hes realized once he rips holes in them they no longer squeek. I think the longest one lasted him about 2 months! Which is a very long time for a toy to last my dogs! Once time I thought for sure Slash was going to just rip it up, but he took the toy in his crate and slept with it all night, didn’t even touch it! lol

Other toys my dogs like are stuffed animals with squeak toys in them. I don’t buy them often for them because they are usually destroyed within 10 minutes of giving it to them. They’ve got this indestructible ball which has lasted them at least a year! They love that and I play fetch with them outside with it. They also love any tug-of-war toys!

I’ve got a rottweiler, a boxer, and I’m now being a foster mommy and so I’ve got a pit bull I’m fostering. Toys don’t last long in my house! I’ve come up with ideas for toys and give them things such as old scarfs for tug toys, and old stuffed animals to rip up :) My dogs have been oh-so creative and dug up some potatoes growing in my garden in the back yard and threw them around as balls, then ate them, little brats!


10/10/10  09:57am


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  Message To: Bran421   In reference to Message Id: 2180075

 So What Is Your Favorite Dog Toy?

my pups favorite toy is the standard rope tug toy, i dog give him squeeky toys because i really dont want him to think bitting on something that squeeks is ok lol no tire toys either dont need him running out after a tire thinking it gives him some sort of yummy treat, he gets the kong treat balls, tug ropes, and kong "indestructable" balls. he carries he tug toy everywhere even to the bathroom and the tub lol.

10/12/10  07:05pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2180039

 So What Is Your Favorite Dog Toy?

My dogs’ favorite toys are Jolly Balls and rope toys.

10/14/10  05:19pm


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  Message To: Repfanaticlady29   In reference to Message Id: 2181196

 So What Is Your Favorite Dog Toy?

Millas favourite toy is her purple fluffy Octopus we named ’Mr Sushi’ he is rather cool he has a squeak in each foot and a big one in his head, he is purple and fuzzy (like Octopuses are lol) and no matter how much of a beating and me having to poke his fluff and sow him up he still remains to have his stupid grin on his face! Best thing ever I say "go find/get Mr. Sushi" she knows exactly what I am on about :)

Can’t upload a pic of him from my phone will try at later date

10/18/10  01:24pm


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2181821

 So What Is Your Favorite Dog Toy?

I looked into a little and Yukito’s ’squeaky squirrel’ is a milkbone black and tan squirrel stuffy. For some reason people on the internet are selling it for 6 or more dollars. What a rip! More people should buy dog toys from Walgreens =P

Ghastly, I know what you mean about saying the name of the toy and the dog running to get it. If anyone looks to Kito and says, "... Get the squirrel!" He’ll run to the other room... Then.. Squeaky squeaky squeaky! He’ll come back all happy with it. It’s that or he’ll run to the door window and look out it all expectantly for, um, a squirrel. ``

10/19/10  07:24pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2182085

 So What Is Your Favorite Dog Toy?

My springier spaniel, Baiely’s favorite would be theese:

11/09/11  08:36pm

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