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 Help with problem barking..?

I really need help in solving a barking problem. We adopted an older toy poodle a while back who is now 10 years old and has an ear-piercing bark, and barks at everything. She barks when she hears a car pull up, she barks when our cockatiel starts chirping, she barks when she hears people outside her field of vision, she barks at new people in her vision, she barks when she hears the clinking of our neighbor’s dog’s collars, she barks at little noises that we can’t even hear, she’ll bark if we simply get up to walk to the door, she’ll bark when our little chihuahua starts barking, she’ll bark if we call someone from across the room, she’ll bark when we run to somewhere in the house. It seems like it’s getting worse, and my dad’s getting sick of it. We keep trying to calm her down, to the point of actually holding her against us to try to calm her down, and she’ll still try to bark. I know she’s an insecure dog. Using treats or toys in positive motivation won’t work, and I don’t want to have my dad buy a bark collar or muzzle her as a last resort. I don’t know what to do, any help is appreciated.

09/13/10  07:25pm


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  Message To: Cornsnake   In reference to Message Id: 2175359

 Help with problem barking..?

I used an electronic device that gave off a high pitched sound that seemed to help (with a correcting command also.)
Check with your local pet store.
Good luck!

Make sure you tell the dog to "stop" in a firm voice instead of saying "it’s OK" or coddling them.

09/14/10  11:45am


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  Message To: Johnkorz   In reference to Message Id: 2175437

 Help with problem barking..?

Muzzles don’t stop barking, they just muzzle it. Dogs are very much capable of barking with a muzzle on. Muzzles are meant to keep a dog from biting and little else. A "bark collar", whether it uses water, citronella or electric shock is 50/50 and not really the best way to go about correcting the dogs behavior. Especially since your dog is not doing nuisance barking. Your dog believes it is barking to alert you of things.

If you have to use anything, use something with a pitch as John stated.

How long has the dog done this? If it’s been since you’ve had it, then the behavior has been allowed to go on to the point it’s habit. If she just recently started doing this, you may want to have your dog’s hearing and eyesight checked by a vet. She could be losing one or the other.

As John said too, do not touch the dog when it barks. Do not give it any attention whatsoever besides a curt "Stop" or "No". If you touch the dog in any way, you are praising the behavior and encouraging the behavior. One thing you will need to do is start making the dog realize that the behavior will not get them the attention they want.

If you are outside with them, have them on lead and when they bark, say "Stop" or "No", turn around and walk the dog back inside. Remove the dog from whatever it is barking at immediately. Give them a few minutes, bring them back out. They do it again, remove them. If they are barking in the house at things, leave the room and separate yourself from the dog until it stops. Come back out. Lather, rinse, repeat, basically.

Contracting a trainer or behaviorist about the problem wouldn’t be a bad idea either. PetSmart trainers do free consultations and their classes are 109.00 (varies, but that’s normally the base) for eight weeks worth of training. In that time, you have constant access to your trainer.

09/15/10  11:09am


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  Message To: ShadowAceD   In reference to Message Id: 2175581

 Help with problem barking..?

That’s good advice!
Try to catch some episodes of "The dog whisperer" on the animal planet channel (I think!)
Just remember, no matter how much you love your dog and want it to be one of your kids (if you have any) they are first and foremost A DOG!!
Dogs are pack animals and benefit from having a pack leader. So they don’t have to stress over ruling the pack themselves. YOU MUST BE THE PACK LEADER!! No exceptions!
I love my dogs (and the dogs that I’ve had in the past) but I realize that they depend wholly on me for life’s sustenance. That’s a big responsibility! A lot of people don’t get it that way.
Take my word for it, they will feel and act healthier if they know that YOU are in charge.
Good luck with it all!

09/15/10  09:28pm


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  Message To: Johnkorz   In reference to Message Id: 2175654

 Help with problem barking..?

Yeah, I agree with John. That’s really great advice.

Have any of you read "The Dog Listener", by Jan Fennell. You guys kinda sound like you’ve read the book. We’re using her training method on Areli, and it’s working brilliantly. Since we’re the "pack leader", she will greet us in the morning (she’s not allowed in the house, as she’s an outside dog, and gets very excited when we come out in the morning), circle us, just sniffing, then sit down a ways away and wait for us to acknowledge her. Oh, and we don’t look at her at all or give her any attention (petting, looking at her, pushing her away, talking to her) UNTIL she sits down. She doesn’t jump on us or anything. It’s really great to see how she changed the very first time we tried this.

(btw, John, CUTE pic of your dogs!)

09/15/10  10:22pm


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  Message To: Cornsnake   In reference to Message Id: 2175359

 Help with problem barking..?

Check out this article Link. These tips are helping me get my dog’s excessive barking under control. Good luck with yours!

09/18/10  04:52am


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  Message To: Repfanaticlady29   In reference to Message Id: 2176000

 Help with problem barking..?

That link looks interesting. I can’t wait to read it later. Hope it helps anyone interested. Thanks!

09/18/10  04:34pm

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