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 Tashas..exciting, lake visit.

Hey guys, I havn’t been around here in about a year. Finally decided to check back up and see who was still here and who wasn’t.

Just wanted to share Tashas recent visit to the lake, a fun time turned out to be very frantic.

Well, as usual we take our doggies to the lake every saturday or sunday. And we put their little doggy life jackets on, and put them in the boat where they get so excited and love to just be out of the house. Well, we like to "troll", a type of fishing where you slowly ride down the lake with your reel casted out and let your bait drag across the bottom, or close to the bottom.

Tasha decided that it was a great idea to bite the bait, a bait which looked like this.

Of course that didn’t go so well. One set of hooks got caught on the upper inner layer of her life jacket, just about an inch if that away from her throat. People often laugh at us for putting a life jacket on our dogs, but it really did save her life in this situation. The other set of hooks, well that wasn’t so lucky.

One of the hooks got caught and ripped up through her tongue, and two went in and out of her jaw. Ofc, there was blood everywhere, as well as a flopping little dog that didnt know what to do. We were about thirty minutes from the landing where our vehicle was, and about another 45 minutes ontop of the 30 from our home and a animal hospital.

My dad decided that he could get the hook out so he tried for 45 minutes to get the hook out, but a treble hook in a tiny mouth with a wiggling dog just isn’t gonna happen. So, we had to rush to the landing, get our vehicle and go 85 mph on back roads and such trying to get to the animal hospital. And of course..

The first animal hospital we went to said they didn’t do surgeries. Which pissed me off. Then we had to take her to a diffrent one where they numbed her up and took the hooks out. It was such a frantic time though I didn’t know if she was gonna be okay.

About an hour later though, we were taking her home and she was perfectly fine aside from a little sorness in her lip. The next day she was ready to go back and start running around and what not.

Just let it be known, that from now on we will be extra careful with the hooks and watch where the dogs are more carefully.

Also, we showed her a diffrent bait still in the container and shes terrfied of it, so hopefully we wont even have to worry anymore.

This is my baby Tasha Marie, two days after the event happend. Shes good as new again. :>

08/31/10  01:20pm


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 Tashas..exciting, lake visit.

very scary event, i too put my dogs in lifejackets, i have had to jump in the lake after my dog a few time i own a stafordshire bull terrier, he has alot of muscle and doesnt get that he can not eat the water as hes trying to swim. so needless to say i got him a life jacket to help now he just floats around eatting the water lol. glad to hear shes alright hope she learned her lesson

09/13/10  03:46am

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