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 Female just got Spayed what to expect?

Good day all dog lovers, I have a female three year old boxer I rescued a month ago and just got spayed last night. What are some things to expect because Im freaking out! This is my baby girl and I hate to see her hurting like this.

I brought her home last night the vet doesnt keep them overnight for this procedure????!! She tried to go number 2 but half way through it hurt to bad and she threw up...this was around 5 pm I laid her in her bed and covered her with blankets and just laid with her for a few hours. Around 11 at night she finally ate about half a cup of rice and went to the bathroom again...she jumped when she tried to squat like it hurt really bad...i again laid her down for bed

I slept in the living room with her so she would feel safe, around 1 30 am she was pacing obviously in pain..i took her out and gave her a pain pill...i was supposed to give her that at 8 am today but i couldnt see her like that....

She wouldnt get up this morning when I left for work around 6 to go out she just wanted to sleep under her blanky....I just want to know what to expect? The doc only gave me 2 pain pills advising to give her half at a time...can I switch to aspirin when that is over? How long till she eats again? When I pet her back towards her tail she poor baby im probably just freaking out but this is her first surgery under my care and I want to take care of her well.

08/27/10  07:52am


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  Message To: Vwvixen02   In reference to Message Id: 2171892

 Female just got Spayed what to expect?

Sorry to hear she’s in pain. The worst thing for me is that the animal doesn’t understand what’s happening. How old is she?
Give it a few days and hope she recovers quickly. You could call the vet and ask for a few more pain pills. I think they don’t give too many because if the pain persists you would want to know and get her back to the vet.
I was worried about my girl when she was spayed also. But she healed quickly and seemed to have no excessive pain.
Good luck and my prayers will be for her fast recovery.

08/27/10  10:30am


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  Message To: Johnkorz   In reference to Message Id: 2171906

 Female just got Spayed what to expect?

Simple answer to all your questions.... Ask your vet! Aspirin does help with pain, but also thins the blood. To me that doesnt sound like a good idea when she just had a surgery, but then again, ask your vet. Dogs handle pain differently. Some dont need any pain meds, others are big babies. Im sure if you talked with your vet, you could find a solution to your problems.

Also, I would HIGHLY recommend that you give prescribed medications as directed, not at your discretion. They tell you when to give things at certain times for a reason.

As for the vomiting, it was more than likely due to the anesthesia, not pain. Very common for dogs (and humans) to throw up after being put under for surgery. That is why they usually recommend no food or water the night before.

The rice. Is there a particular reason you fed her rice? Granted rice is a safe food, but why not just her normal dog food? When you start babying a dog with different foods when they are sick, they become too smart for their own good. They will learn how to "play" you and become picky eaters. I woudl recommend feeding only the dogs regular food unless prescribed by your vet.

08/28/10  04:21am


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  Message To: HerpsinIN   In reference to Message Id: 2172035

 Female just got Spayed what to expect?

My dog is a rescue and has had issues with food since I got her a month ago. She was starved prior to be adopting her so to get her to start eating we started with rice and hamburger as the vet recommended. Since her operation she did not want to eat for several days so the vet suggested we start back on that diet. She has since gone back to eating her regular food and is doing well

08/30/10  08:05am

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