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 Is There Actually a Difference Between Big Dogs and Small Dogs?

I always hear there is a difference in the way dogs act according to their size. Do larger dogs have a better temperament that smaller ones or something? I’m not doubting there is a difference, but does it exist and what is it??? Can anyone help me here?

07/26/10  07:29am


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  Message To: Flamingflower   In reference to Message Id: 2165045

 Is There Actually a Difference Between Big Dogs and Small Dogs?

A dog is a dog. A small dog is more liable to go after another dog. And a big dog is more liable to kill a small dog if they get into a fight. (and for those who want to argue that fact, imagine a chihuahua taking out the jugular of a rottie)

The reason a small dog is more apt to having a more unsteady temperament has absolutely nothing to do with size, or even breed. It has to do with the human taking care of it.

Let’s put it this way:

If a big dog goes around biting children and eating other pets, someone is going to notice and put the dog in its place (or put it down). A big dog will be corrected if it starts acting out of control, or the owner will be more likely to seek a behaviorist over it. A big dog is more likely to cause a lawsuit if it attacks due to jaw size and trauma inflicted. Thus, big dogs are given more strict guidelines and trained more often. I’m sure you don’t want a German Shepherd or Great Dane that will growl and bite you. And if your new one starts to exhibit behaviors like that, you’d do something about it.

Little dogs, on the other hand, can do no wrong. They are more often treated as babies, carried around, and never taken out for exercise. If FooFoo poops everywhere the second you leave, Awww.. Poor foofoo, so sad you were gone. If DeeDee barks constantly, it isn’t DeeDee’s fault, she’s just protecting the house. Yeah, that’s it. If the Pomeranian next door runs over off leash and starts biting the crap out of your golden retriever to the point that the retriever feels it needs to protect itself or gets all bloody, it’s obviously not the Pomeranian’s fault. This mentality of humans creates unstable, unfriendly, vicious little yappy dogs.

You can also think of it like this: A big dog can easily do what it wants, so people are more apt to keep it under control. A small dog can easily be picked up and removed from a situation, so such control isn’t necessary.

And there are always exceptions. I have a 27 lb corgi. He pulls no crap with me and I’ll never let him off leash. He doesn’t bark unless it’s necessary. He’s house trained. And there’s always the random loose big dog that finds it necessary to chase someone down and hold them there. There are nice little dogs with good temperaments and there are large, ill tempered dogs that haven’t had a lick of training. And vice versa. So don’t hold generalities with it. Study the breeds, ask about temperaments, and train and walk the dog on a daily, repetitive basis to achieve the results you want.

07/26/10  12:35pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2165107

 Is There Actually a Difference Between Big Dogs and Small Dogs?

KrazyKelli.... I absloutly agree with you, small dogs do get away with everything because they are "cute" they can and do get away with murder lol. When a big dog bites a child they are labled as "vicious" or "mean" when a small dog bites a child (this happens alot more often) its considered cute or the shrug it off like nothing ever happened. But you said all this already lol so yeah KrazyKelli covered it and nothing more could b said about the matter :)

08/22/10  04:50am


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  Message To: Keirax   In reference to Message Id: 2170868

 Is There Actually a Difference Between Big Dogs and Small Dogs?

I will agree with both posts. I work in Petco and I have three boxers, the two older ones are cgc registered and the puppy is on his way to be registered. Now my mom has a little terrier mix about 10lbs and hates people petting her. When we go to pet stores everyone is scared of the boxers because of the size but they wont even ask to pet the little dog, they just do it and get bit or growled at. Then its "awww poor little thing, its scared". Big dogs get a bad name because of size, I have kids run up to my boxers and hug them, pull the ears and they just sit there because they know they should, no way can do that to most little dogs.

08/23/10  03:45pm

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