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 It’s been a While...

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. That aside, I’ve come with the hope of receiving some new thoughts and ideas....

I have a 9 year old cocker spaniel who unfortunately did not have the best socialization early in life. I am not sure that anything can be done to solve the issue I’m about to state, since she can’t see so well anymore (due to the slow formation of cataracts, she still has vision out of one eye). But here goes...

The spaniel bluffs every dog she comes across. When she sees them coming she barks up a storm and rushes at them snarling. If the dog chases her or otherwise engages her she runs off, only to rush at them again after they turn their backs. Since her reaction appears to be getting worse, I keep her on the leash when I know other dogs will be about. I don’t want someone’s canine to take her seriously one day and end up with a fight on my hands - one that she’d probably be the one to start. And size doesn’t seem to be a factor, she’ll do it to any dog. Once we encountered a pomeranian that stood his ground and yapped eternally at her - she just sat there staring at him, and whenever he made a move toward her, she sidled away out of reach. When a dog does get a chance to sniff her she stiffens up and acts fearful. She does the same thing with people that she doesn’t know, and it doesn’t seem to matter whether she is on or off leash when these encounters happen. The size of the dog doesn’t matter either. Would I have to somehow show her that dogs are ok to play with? Is she just afraid of them?

I know the cataracts could be a factor, but do you guys have any ideas? I’m at my wit’s end with this little pooch!


07/26/10  06:49am

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