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 Jackson is hurt! :(

Oh no... Jackson got into a bad fight with my friends dog. I dont know what started the fight, but we had both dogs in the back of the truck tonight and all of a sudden tyson (friends dog) attacked jackson (my dog) Jackson didnt want to fight, but was forced to. Although we broke them up within about ten seconds jackson has to deep puncture wounds on his leg which as still bleeding.. they are pretty deep. but that doesnt bother me that much because i cleaned his wounds and sprayed an antibiotic on his leg. He’s limping because of the wounds. I do not know what happened but his left front leg is swollen.. he can still walk on it but limps. What can i do with the swelling? i hope its not broken but just sprained.. Please help! im taking him to the vet tomorrow morning right now he’s sleeping... poor doggy.. i hope he’s okay

07/09/10  01:48am

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