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 Doggy is so jumpy

Hello, does anyone have tips to make my dog less jumpy. Jackson is terrified of snakes. If i wiggle his leash he thinks its a snake, or even a string. Usually he’ll go sniffing around for little bugs or whatever around my house and if i even touch him when he’s in his zone he’ll jump like a cat! is their anything i can do to make him less jumpy its so weird

05/16/10  08:27pm


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 Doggy is so jumpy

Do you have in your pet store plug in air fresheners for dogs/cats? They release a smell only smelt by the animal that is to calm the pet.
Also if i remember correctly Jackson is roughly the same age as Milla (she is one next month) pups go through a second "fear" stage around 8 - 14 months not all do but some, Milla is sadly going through it and it annoys me despite she was socialized with everything and anything when she was smaller she is now not liking prams/push chairs, a wall on my property and walking through the gate! What she does is tries to pull away from me on the leash (so she tries to walk behind me) despite she has never been bothered by prams or push chairs before and would walk wonderfully next to them and my wall and gate she has never had a bad problem with either. I just drag her along the sidewalk if we are out and let her get on with it the way i see it if i don’t look at her and don’t speak to her she comes out of it quicker than she went in it!
Hopefully it is just a second "fear" period he is having also! With the leash wiggling try and entice him with a treat to show that wiggly things are associated with something good, if Milla goes into a zone she will just about pee herself when jumping i just laugh at her and give her a good old pet she has learned to see it is funny.

All the best!

05/18/10  04:21pm

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