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 Wow. Really?

So, I don’t understand why I go on Craigslist so often, because I’m pretty sure a few brain cells die every time; I swear people are just getting dumber and dumber!
Two adds that really rubbed me the wrong way:
1.) A mother said her rooster was getting "too cocky" to be a pet for her 3 year old son, so if he didn’t find a home by the next night (she posted at 5 p.m.) she was gonna butcher him, but he’d be "too much of a hassle to butcher just one." so she advertised that he’s going "in my freezer, your freezer, or your chicken coop." what ticked me off is why you would expect a ROOSTER of all animals to be a household pet for your 3 year old!!!

And now the reason I’m posting primarily, the one that actually pertains to the dog forum.
2.) A family posted about this huge garage sale they’re having with cheap baby stuff, etc., and as a casual side note in the middle of the sentence they mention "also 5 month old Papillon puppy 250 bucks must go..." and the next day when he must not have sold they advertised him on "clearance". Why the heck would you sell your puppy at a garage sale? A.) garage sales are for bargains, so puppies should not be involved and B.) It just makes me feel like they’re treating it like a piece of merchandise in a furniture store. That makes me so angry! If I was rehoming a puppy I would run background checks, evaluations, ask for references, etc. not abide by "first come first serve." You could be selling it as a bait dog for a fighting ring for all those people know!

Just had to fume, thanks for listening and reading. Does anyone else have these mini heart attack/freak spaz-outs online???
-Peaches and Jeni

05/14/10  10:37pm


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  Message To: FutureVet123   In reference to Message Id: 2147616

 Wow. Really?

Yes, particularly pertaining to reptile/bearded dragon care. What makes me REALLY fume are the so-called experts that work at the chain pet stores. I recently came across a worker who was giving a customer potentially lethal advice about their pet. I’ts been said that I can have a big mouth - i prefer "assertive" :) - so I had to say something. Let’s just say that it didn’t go over too well...........

05/15/10  09:49pm


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  Message To: FutureVet123   In reference to Message Id: 2147616

 Wow. Really?

We don’t have Craigslist here - at least i think we don’t?. Well i get annoyed i like to browse at Dobes for sale despite i never get any as they aren’t what i expect let alone looking for WELL that many people that advertise *RARE WHITE DOBE FOR SALE?STUD* They aren’t bloody rare!! They are a awful defect that people like me are trying to get rid of due to all there health issues the Albino’s aka White’s don’t live that long as they are a result of insest years upon years ago and as i said just riddled with problems yet there are people who think they have a *rare* dog and want to sell puppies or stud!!

Another thing that tickles me off is people studding there Dobes that are positive for VWD - Von Weilbrands Disease which is a big problem as the blood doesn’t clot and Wobblers Syndrome positive - which is a spinal abnormality that shortens the dogs life from days to weeks, months or evan years both diseases are hediatory so WILL pass down to the pups and like the albinism genuine people like myself are trying to get rid of it, yet there are BYBs trying to keep it here as they must think either A) its a good thing B) Well if my dogs got it others can have it too!!!

Along with "Dobermann Pinscher pup must go too wild/uncontrollable" 9/10 i will click on these and the dog is in its teenage year 9month - 19month now don’t get me wrong im all up for people buying them as pups but these 10month are shear hell!!! They give people the "vicious Dobermann act" they read in papers they will lunge at anything and anything and just plain old act up in a non so eye appealing manner! Many people think oh its ok i can handle this but NO they are really wild most dog attacks happen during these times the dog isn’t deliberately being bad its just there teenage years are more challenging than any other breeds teenage years and need a super stern person during this time that isn’t afraid to give the a smack on there backside when they start there antics!

But thats my complaining!!

05/16/10  07:34am

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