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 How to uncrop a cropped dog?!?!?!?!?!

Well my mum took Boni to the vet yesterday for me for her monthly ear check up and i am getting so annoyed with the vets! Since October time last year Boni has gotten terribly dry ears (she always has had dry ears but has gotten worse) so she got stronger ear drops needless to say they pretty much dried up instantly when they went in her ear so since the end of November to the beginning of December they have said about uncropping her?! WTF?!?!
I myself have never know of this but apparently they just cut a muscle and staple it down then use "reversed" holding cups so they fold down and not mount upwards.... hopefully that makes sense? lol
But i got annoyed as they were bombarding my mum yesterday and saying they will do it free of charge or for a quater of the price so they could do it then and there as im not exactly caing on my dogs health rights, when really im not exactly "caring" as i have never heard or known of this nor was i ever told about it at vet school so thats why.

But what do you guys think? Go ahead and let them attempt to destroy Boni’s good looks? Or does anyone know of a ear drop that won’t dry on instant contact?

PS. Her ears were never cut to shape when they were cropped as the vet was doing this for his first time and i didnt want him to give her odd shape ears hense why they stand tall etc. either way still look good but he was the only vet willing to crop her against the law

Just imagine from this:


To this:


04/18/10  07:26am


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2141441

 How to uncrop a cropped dog?!?!?!?!?!

That just sounds terrible ...

In my experience with dogs that have ear problems, being cropped or not won’t really change it. While it may seem likely that the dry ears are because of the cropping, I doubt it. My Boxer has ears that are not cropped and he suffers from dry ears rather frequently. We’ve just started putting baby oil on his ears with Q-Tips and that has seemed to help. Most drops we’ve used, unless it was a foam of sorts, did not really give him lasting relief. He also gets dirt trapped in his ears worse than any dog I’ve had with cropped ears.

As for your dog’s crop, she actually looks like she has a show crop, that’s why they are so long. They have military crop, standard/short crop and show/fancy/long.

I would not do it, and here’s why. When dogs have their ears cropped, it is done at an age where circulation is not yet set in the ears, therefore, it is less traumatic, less painful and more likely to gain the desired effect. When I dog exceeds this age and the cartilage becomes set with circulation, it is ill advised to do any form of cutting on them, especially in muscle tissue, so I have no idea what the heck that vet is thinking. That procedure will be very painful in terms of healing for your dog and more prone to infection since there is strong circulation in her ears and, really, I would bet money that it will not solve her dry ear problem.

Also, your dog is not going to look like an uncropped Doberman, she is going to look like a Doberman who’s ears were not properly taken care of. The photos below are from the Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue Website.

04/18/10  12:14pm


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  Message To: ShadowAceD   In reference to Message Id: 2141491

 How to uncrop a cropped dog?!?!?!?!?!

Deary me no offense to those Dobes but i don’t want my BBs ears to look like those do!!!

I used baby oil to start with as that was the first thing that came to my head it done its trick for a couple of weeks to a month it acted more like a lubricant just covering the cracks in the canal its self, foam based cleaners (what my vet keeps prescribing) irratate her like hell i reckon she is allergic to foam based products as her ears swelled up to golf ball size she can’t have shampoos that go to a lather so has a special shampoo i get from the vet or she starts to rash and bleed through her coat, nipples or belly such a dubbed dog only one from her litter as well with problems >.<

I have to be greatful that her ears don’t get dirty nor grubby with wax were as my American Pit Milla despite she is natural her ears are just plain awful for mud and wax build up despite they get done every Friday without fail!!

Yeah i wanted a show as i knew either way he wouldn’t be able to mess it up ^-^

I will openly say that Boni was supposed to be a natural dog >.< and here’s were nasty me sorta butts in i prefere my dogs to be fully natural or full "cosmetic" don’t get me wrong i will have a docked tail and floppy ears but anyway (im so bad for going off topic) Boni actually snapped her tail by shear old wagging it too much it did get repaired but it ended up snapping again a week later so it got amputated and usually with floppy ears getting caught or badly damaged i got her cropped on the same day as her tail docking needless to say she hasn’t missed her tail she still waggs her butt and numbing like no tomorrow and her ears well she has never been bothered if anything she seems to adjust to them well.

Im not wanting to de-crop her ears as i like them very much but at the sametime i want to see if it would help you know as when she was natural she did still have her problem but with them being floppy it kept some what some moisture in the ear.

I just don’t know she is a very nice young girl but she doesn’t deserve awful looking ears that you posted!!

04/18/10  02:55pm


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  Message To: Ghastly   In reference to Message Id: 2141522

 How to uncrop a cropped dog?!?!?!?!?!

Yeah, they do look terrible, but those are just ears that fell, they are talking about cutting into her muscle, I imagine it will look far worse.

I am sorry she has such a hard time, but I’m glad you’re leaning towards not getting it done because, I want you to realize, it is irreversible. You will not be able to get her ears to stand afterward. SHE may not even be able to prick her ears forward if they damage the muscle tissue too much. It would be very unfair to her. I feel the same way about my dogs though. I have a rescued Boxer and it sometimes drives me nuts he has a cropped tail and uncropped ears. In my honest opinion, I feel it is no worse than piercing your kids ears at six months old or circumcizing them when they are born. I understand it’s cosmetic, but it is what the breed standards were and (still) should be, though I know a lot of Europe has outlawed it.

Anyway ...she’s a gorgeous girl and I hope she remains the way she is. As for her ears, she may be having a reaction to something you’re not aware of. Perhaps you could try using wet oatmeal or an oatmeal lotion, but be careful not to let it go IN her ear. We would use cotton balls in my Boxer’s ear canal to block it off before applying the oatmeal. It was just another method we tried to help his ears.

Good luck to you though. Keeps us updated.

04/18/10  08:02pm


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  Message To: ShadowAceD   In reference to Message Id: 2141596

 How to uncrop a cropped dog?!?!?!?!?!

Hey - my friend uses mineral oil in her dog’s ears (the ones that’r really, really dry and cracked). It’s thicker than baby oil and doesn’t have the dye/perfume in it. Anyone know if this is a good thing?

04/23/10  06:00pm

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