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 Worried About Weight and Size

Well, I’m still worried about Rikka’s weight. She’s only 70 pounds, and 25 inches at the withers. I’m also wondering. She’s 25 inches, which is perfectely breed standard. So why does she appear so small? And I’ve been trying hard to get her weight back up, but she’s only gained 1 pound in 5 weeks. Help?

And as for Kodiak... I don’t know. He’s so massive. I’ve never had a huge dog before, but he seems like... way too big. He’s almost 4 months old and 42 pounds. His paws are as big as my own hands. He’s almost as big as my 1.5 year old lab mix. What should I watch out for with him growing so insanely fast? The vet said I wouldn’t have to worry about longbone disease becaues he’s SO heavily built. But there had be problems that come with a dog growing so freakin’ fast.

04/14/10  09:34pm

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