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 Big ears = big head?

I was just wondering this morning and was looking up stuff on APBTs but never came across much on there ears just a little amount of useless info however something did pop out to me saying that if they have big ears mean they will have a big head!. Well Milla’s ears are bloody HUGE way to small for her head along with her head looking out of proportion to her body as she is 10 months now and on her lanky stage. Has anyone else heard of this or can correct it? Now i know genetics play alot in a dogs apperance but Milla’s litter was a accident the breeder who i got her from breeds traditional and gladiators but only to the same type eg. traditional with traditional and gladiator to gladiator well Patrick her dad was a gladiator (very handsome if i may say despite i am a traditional fan) got to her mum Roxy (traditional) on accident.
So do you think she will look like her mums build but with her dads head? she is already the double of her mum body build and face shape but with large ears but when i collected her she had quite a big head rather broad but i know they grow weird to other dogs i think she is staying the height she is now between the short one and the tall one’s (sorry i haven’t measured her) as she hasn’t grew much for the past couple of months.
It doesn’t bother me if she has a large head at all i will still love her to the ends of the earth and back its just you know what its like if you like a certain way/type and you get the opposite i just hope if she does have a big head it isn’t stupidly large like some APBTs are

04/02/10  09:20am

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